Movement for the Independence of Sicily

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Movement for the Independence of Sicily
Founder Andrea Finocchiaro Aprile
Founded September 8, 1943 (1943-09-08)
April 22, 2004 (2004-04-22)
Headquarters Via Giovanni Mangano, 17
Santa Venerina
Ideology Sicilian nationalism[1]
European affiliation European Free Alliance (formerly)
European Parliament group No MEPs
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
Sicilian Regional Assembly
0 / 90
Party flag
Sicily Independence Movement (1943).png
Politics of Sicily
Political parties

The Movement for the Independence of Sicily (Movimento per l'Indipendenza della Sicilia, MIS) is a separatist movement, with the goal to obtain independence of Sicily from Italy. The party has its roots in the Sicilian Independence Movement, active in 1943-1947. The movement for the independence of Sicily is a separatist political movement, which proposes the independence of the island from Italy. It takes the idea by the ideology of the independence movement that was founded in 1943. MIS is linked to the historical movement founded by Andrea Finocchiaro in April 1943. The structure was originally formed by leaders of the national liberation of Sicily. To achieve their goal, the members used not only the political elections but also public protests. The organization’s youth movement was founded in 1944 as a youth organization of the movement for the Independence of Sicily. MIS survived for a lot of time like a “pressure group”, thanks to the work of the directors such as Francesco Mazza Fasanaro and Rosario. After the death of Fasanaro, it was provided by dozens of militant separatist of regular recorded by a national instrument of incorporation, until then the MIS was a combination of political and cultural fact. In 2006 it announced his return in politic.


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