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Movie Jigsaw is a British based film/TV development company founded by Ian Noakes.

Movie Jigsaw develops ideas or concepts from scratch until they are fully fledged scripts.

The Script Process[edit]

The story concepts (or ideas) are taken from people who submit said concepts through the website. After acceptance of the concept, the concept is posted to a group of screenwriters who may either choose to see more of the concept or pass on it. Screenwriters who choose to see more of it, are then given the story concept or idea (anywhere from one to five pages in length) which gives more detail about the concept creator's project. Those screenwriters who do accept to work on it must then sign a contract with both the concept creators and Movie Jigsaw, detailing payment and obligations for agreed upon terms. At this point the screenwriter must write a feature film or TV series screenplay with or without the help of the concept creator and/or other screenwriters.

Once the initial script is complete, it must be sent to Movie Jigsaw for review. This entails getting a script reader to give an overview of the current script. If any changes are recommended, Movie Jigsaw may either make the changes or give the screenwriter the opportunity to do so. After the rewriting or editing is complete, it must be resubmitted to Movie Jigsaw for further review. Once the script is in salable condition, Movie Jigsaw then markets the scripts to potential buyers.

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