Moving Image Retoucher

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Developer(s) HS-ART
Stable release v1.3 / January, 2008
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X
Type Graphics

Moving Image Retoucher (M.I.R.) is a software tool for real-time playback of movies, manual dust busting, wire removal and any other kind of moving image (film, video) repair. The tool offers a solution for film viewing and manual retouch and repair. For example scanned hairs, dust spots, bad splices, tears and other defects can be fixed with the tool.

The tool uses only existing information as it is cloning content from other regions and images into the selected area. A so-called 'monocle' displays target and source at one glance. Adjustable softness and elliptic brushes are allowing to repair the targeted images. Auto-alignment compensates camera and object motion to support the operator. A micro-loop function (playback from buffered cache) permits to use M.I.R. in various resolutions (video, HD, 2k, 4k) on state-of-the-art computers.

The software supports most common file formats like QuickTime, DPX, Cineon, TIFF, TGA, JPG. M.I.R. is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and runs on almost any modern standard PC hardware, that supports openGL. There is a free demo-version that permits full playback functionality but has restrictions in saving back the retouched images.

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