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Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), formerly Mozilla Developer Center, is the official Mozilla Foundation website for development documentation of web standards and Mozilla projects.[1]


The project was started in 2005, and initially led by Mozilla Corporation employee Deb Richardson in 2005. Documentation efforts have been led by Eric Shepherd since 2006.[2]

The initial content for the website was provided by DevEdge, for which the Mozilla Foundation was granted a license by AOL.[3][2] Significant effort has been made to migrate content from[4] Many pages on now redirect to MDN. The site now contains a mix of content migrated from DevEdge and, as well as original and more up-to-date content.[5][6] Documentation was also migrated from

MDN has a newsgroup ( and an IRC channel #devmo on the Mozilla IRC Network. MDN is funded by the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation with servers and employees.


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