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This article is about the Moonpod game. For the 1984 Datamost game, see Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory.
Mr. Robot
Developer(s) Moonpod
Publisher(s) Moonpod
Designer(s) Mark Featherstone
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 10 January 2007
Genre(s) Role-playing video game, Platform, Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Mr. Robot is a 3D video game by Moonpod, published as shareware, which attempts to combine the genres of role-playing video game and platform game.

The platform adventure part of the game takes place on board a spaceship called The Eidolon which is destined for a remote colony planet when things start to go wrong. The player takes the part of Asimov, a "lowly service droid", who must attempt to save the humans stored in cryosleep. The RPG element takes place inside a virtual computer world in which the player can hack computer terminals to combat defense computer programs via a turn-based battle system.


  • 9.6/10 Editor's choice gold award at VG Core
  • Scored 87% in PC Format UK magazine, and also won the award for 'best ending' in the PC Format 2007 game awards.
  • 82% in PC Gamer UK magazine.

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