Mr. So & So

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Mr. So & So
Background information
Origin England
Genres Neo-progressive rock
Art rock
Alternative rock
Years active 1989–2000; 2005–present
Labels MSSR[disambiguation needed]
Members Shaun McGowan (aka "Magoo")
Charlotte Evans
Davey Foster
Stuart Browne
Andy Rigler
Past members Kieren Twist
Leon Parr
Anthony Hindley

Mr. So & So are an English rock band that formed in 1989. Whilst sticking to no one distinct style their music is based around new prog and alternative rock. Mr. So & So currently consists of Shaun McGowan (vocals/bass), Charlotte Evans (vocals), Dave Foster (guitar), Stuart Browne (percussion) and Andy Rigler (keyboards).

Keyboardist Kieren Twist and percussionist Leon Parr, formerly with Mosque, were original members of the band, and appeared on all recordings through to The Overlap.

Anthony Hindley (keyboards) replaced Twist, but he left in October 2009. Andy Rigler replaced Hindley in February 2010.



  • Thoughts of Fear and Principle (1991)
  1. But I'm Here (Foster/Mcgowan)
  2. The Hypnotic (Foster/McGowan)
  3. The Visitor (McGowan)
  4. "3" (Foster/McGowan)
  5. The Sea (Foster/McGowan)

Studio albums[edit]

  • Paraphernalia (1992)
  1. So Near So Far (Foster/McGowan)
  2. The Hypnotic (Foster/McGowan)
  3. Again (Foster/McGowan)
  4. Stand Tall (Foster/McGowan)
  5. The Sea (Foster/McGowan)
  6. It's Irrelevant (Foster/McGowan)
  7. Mr. So & So (Foster/McGowan)
  8. Circus (McGowan/Twist)
  • Compendium (1995)
  1. Closet Skeletons (Foster/McGowan)
  2. Tick-A-Box (Foster/McGowan)
  3. Hobson the Traveller (McGowan)
  4. Primrose Days (Foster/McGowan)
  5. The Missionary (Foster/McGowan)
  6. Bolton Eeny Noo (Foster/McGowan)
  7. Sixes & Sevens (Foster/McGowan)
  8. The Visitor (McGowan)
  • The Overlap (1998)
  1. Metaphor (Foster/McGowan)
  2. Spacewalk (McGowan)
  3. Drowners (Foster/McGowan)
  4. Isn't It Amazing (McGowan)
  5. Subterfuge (Foster/McGowan)
  6. Salamander (Foster/McGowan)
  7. The Overlap (Foster/McGowan)
  8. Coup De Grace (Twist/McGowan)
  • Sugarstealer (2009)
  1. Flying Triangles (Foster/McGowan)
  2. New Years Day (McGowan)
  3. Thursdays are Blue (Foster/McGowan)
  4. Dandelion amongst the Violets (McGowan)
  5. Honey Jar (Foster/McGowan)
  6. Lemon Tree (Foster/Evans)
  7. Falling through Rainbows (Hindley/McGowan)
  8. Bleak Hill (Foster)
  9. Oh Look! A Rainbow (McGowan)
  10. Evening Star in the Indigo Sky (Hindley/McGowan)
  11. Bi-Polar (Foster/McGowan)
  12. Photograph(McGowan)
  13. Seeking Poppies in the Dark (Hindley/McGowan)
  14. Falling (Hindley/McGowan)
  15. Broken Crown (Browne)
  16. Green Ward 13 (Foster/McGowan)
  17. White Sun (McGowan)
  18. (Return of) The Gold (Foster/McGowan)
  • Truths, Lies & Half Lies (15 May 2013)
  1. Paperchase "(Foster/McGowan)"
  2. Apophis "(Foster/McGowan/Browne/Rigler)"
  3. Truths, Lies & Half Lies "(Foster/McGowan)"
  4. House Of Dreams "(McGowan)"
  5. Looking Glass "(McGowan)"
  6. Jingo "(Rigler/McGowan/Foster)"
  7. You're Coming Home "(Foster/McGowan)"
  8. Breathe "(Rigler/McGowan)"
  9. Time For Change "(Foster/McGowan)"
  10. Compliance "(Browne/McGowan)"
  11. Please "(Foster/McGowan/Rigler)"

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