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Not to be confused with Mister World.

AAU Mr. World was a bodybuilding competition started by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). It was first held in 1950s.[where?]

In the mid-1940s, Joe and Ben Weider started the IFBB as an alternative to the AAU. They held their opposing contest the IFBB Mr. America in 1949 and then from 1959 onwards. The AAU voted to discontinue holding bodybuilding competitions in 1999.


Year Overall Winner
1970 Ken Waller
1971 Albert Beckles
1972 Ron Thompson
1973 Roy Duval
1974 Ian Lawrence
1975 Ian Lawrence
1976 Bertil Fox
1986 Glenn Knerr
1988 Jim Badra

1988 Mr World -AAU Winner List[edit]

Overall Winner
Jim Badra


Place Tall
1st Jim Badra
2nd Greg Ladd
3RD Bob Good
4th Pat Lanzillo

Medium 1 Peter Kutsugeras 2 Bruce Quinn 3 Pete Alexander

Short 1 Nick Lavitola 2 Ray Kuzmak 3 T J Hewitt 4 Diego Civello

Masters 35+ 1 Diego Civello 2 Isaiah Kelley 3 Robert Bashore 4 Nick Anthony

Masters 45+ 1 Gene Gregorits 2 George Maiorano 3 Harold Collins 4 Carl Adams

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