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Mridula Sinha (born on 27 November 1942[1] in Village Chhapra[2] of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar) is a famous writer of Hindi Literature and Ex Chairperson of Central Board of Social Welfare.[3] A film based on the life of Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia was made using the biography of the book Ek thi rani aisi bhi written by Mrs Sinha.[4] She is also a former Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha president.[5]

Short biography[edit]

Mridula Sinha was born to Anupa Devi and Baboo Chhabile Singh on 27 November 1942 in the village Chhapra of Muzaffarpur district, now in Bihar state of India.[6] After taking the post graduation degree in Psychology she did B.Ed.. ( i.e. a bachelor degree in education). She started her life as a college lecturer in Muzaffarpur. She left the job of principal from a school of Motihari and dedicated herself to Hindi literature. After marriage with Dr Ram Kripal Sinha, who was earlier a college lecturer and later became a cabinet minister in Bihar state government, Mridula also joined the politics.

She lives with her spouse and children in New Delhi.[7]

Literary contribution[edit]

  • Ek thi rani aisi bhi (Short biography)
  • Nayi devyani (Novel)
  • Gharwaas (Novel)
  • Jyon mehandi ko rang (Novel)
  • Dekhan mein choten lagen (Stories)
  • Sita puni boli (Novel)
  • Yayavari ankhon se (Interviews)
  • Bihar ki lok kathayen -I (Stories)
  • Bihar ki lok kathayen -II (Stories)
  • Dhai beegha zameen (Stories)
  • Matr deh nahin hai aurat (Women liberation)

Translations into English[edit]

  • Flames of Desire[8]


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