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Directed by Mrinal Sen
Produced by Rajeswar Rao Kosaraju
Written by Mrinal Sen
Starring Mithun Chakraborty
Mamata Shankar
Shekhar Chatterji
Sadhu Mehar
Ganesh Mukherjee
Anoop Kumar
Tom Alter
Music by Salil Choudhury
Cinematography K. K. Mahajan
Release dates
  • 6 June 1976 (1976-06-06)
Country India
Language Hindi

Mrigayaa is a 1976 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Mrinal Sen and produced by Rajeswar Rao Kosaraju, which was the debut of Mithun Chakraborty which also won him the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actor.The film also won the Swarna Kamal award for the Best Picture and the Best Director's award for Mrinal Sen.


The film portrayed the relationship between the British colonialists and native villagers, and their exploitation by Indian landlords in 1920's India. It also depicts the development of a friendship between a British administrator with a flair for game hunting, and a village man, who is an expert archer. This happens in the backdrop of the awakening of the Indian people against the British rule. .



Chakraborty's portrayal of a villager won him the National Film Award for Best Actor in his debut film.


National Film Award for Best Direction - Mrinal Sen '


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