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House of Mrnjavčević
Mrnjavcevic - Illyrian Coat of arms.png
Country  Serbian Empire
Titles Knez, King
Founded 1365
Founder Vukašin Mrnjavčević
Dissolution 1395

The House of Mrnjavčević (Serbian: Мрњавчевићи) was a medieval Serbian noble house that existed during the Serbian Empire, its fall, and the subsequent years when it held a region of present-day Macedonia region. The house ruled a province from its base at Prilep (in modern Republic of Macedonia) from 1366 to 1395.

Vukašin Mrnjavčević was a military commander in the army of Emperor Dušan the Mighty (r. 1331-1355) and co-ruler of Serbia as King, alongside Emperor Uroš the Weak (r. 1355-1371). After Uroš' death, the Serbian Empire crumbled, as the nobility couldn't agree on its rightful successor. Vukašin's son, Marko Kraljević, ruled his hereditary lands as titular King of Serbs and Greeks.


Family tree[edit]

  • Mrnjava, a treasurer of Queen Helen
  • Vukašin Mrnjavčević, King and Lord of the Serbian and Greek Lands, and of the Western Provinces (1366-1371)
  • Tvrtko
  • Uglješa
  • Eupraxia Dedier ( Royal Dedier )
  • Makiaveli Huawei (Queen of Njegoseva street)

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