Mrs. Grouch

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Mrs. Grouch
Sesame Street character
First appearance 1992 on Sesame Street
Created by Unknown, possibly, Jim Henson
Voiced by Martin P. Robinson
Aliases Ma
Species Grouch
Gender Female

Mrs. Grouch is the mother of Oscar the Grouch in the long-running American children's television series Sesame Street (1969–).

Mrs. Grouch has visited Sesame Street various times over the years, including in episode 3141, to make sure that her son is still Grouchy, and hasn't been turned nice. That same year, she also appeared in the special Sesame Street Stays Up Late!, communicating by telephone with Oscar and other relatives. In a later visit to Sesame Street, she was performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph. After she arrives in that episode, she & Oscar greet each other in a very normal Grouchy way (Oscar: "Rotten to see ya, Ma." Mrs. Grouch: "Ah, rotten to see you too, son. Heh heh heh!"), which is how Grouch families tell each other that they really are happy to see each other.

Mrs. Grouch lives in Illinois. Oscar remembers her gift of a tattered sneaker to him as a baby fondly enough to sing about it in his signature song, "I Love Trash". Her name is mentioned in Sesame Street Magazine issue 249 (November 1995).

According to a talk show appearance[by whom?] on Canadian radio,[which?] Oscar's father is from Saint David Ridge, New Brunswick, and his mother grew up in Nova Scotia. Saint David Ridge is a rural community near Moores Mills, New Brunswick, which was also mentioned in the appearance. However, these are actually the respective hometowns of the parents of Caroll Spinney, performer of Oscar the Grouch, Mrs. Grouch's son.[citation needed]

A running gag between Mrs. Grouch and Oscar is that whenever Oscar would say "please," she would wash his mouth out with vanilla ice cream.