Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein

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Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein
मिसिस कौशिक की पाँच बहुएँ
Mrs Kaushik's Five Daughter-In-laws
A Promotional Image Logo of Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein
A Promotional Image Logo of Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein
Created by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Written by Ved Raj, Abhijit Sinha, Garima Goyal
Creative director(s) Rashmi Sharma
Starring See Below
Opening theme Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 435 total
Producer(s) Rashmi Sharma
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original run 20 June 2011 – 15 March 2013
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Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein is an Indian television series that aired on Zee TV. The show premiered on 20 June 2011 and ended on 15 March 2013. Originally airing from Monday to Thursday, the programme airs Monday to Friday as of 3 October 2011.


The story revolves around an upper middle-class Rajasthani joint family called the Kaushiks living in Jaipur. The family members are Mr. Satyadev and Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik, their five sons, Utkarsh, Bittu, Shivendu, Aditya and Karthik, their five daughters-in-law Gehna, Nimmi, Simran (now Karantiya), Ria and Lovely, their four grandchildren, Gudiya, Lucky, Bubbly, Anu and also Mr. Kaushik's mother whom they call Ammasa. Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik is the family matriarch who has made strict rules and regulations in her house and all the family members follow them.

The story began with Mrs. Kaushik's search for an ideal daughter-in-law and wife for her youngest son, Karthik. According to her, an ideal daughter-in-law should be an amalgamation of the elements of nature (earth, air, water, fire and sky) akin to the virtues represented by her other four loving, honest and obedient daughters-in-law.

Then enters Lovely, a free-spirited, fun-loving, beautiful young girl who believed in making her own rules rather than following rules made by others. She fell in love with Karthik and eventually they got married after a series of dramatic events. Therefore, Lovely became Mrs. Kaushik's fifth daughter-in-law but her mother-in-law did not accept her so easily. Half of the story was about Lovely's struggle to impress her in-laws until she completely won her family's love and trust. Lovely somehow managed to create a permanent place in Mrs. Kaushik's heart. All the family members accepted her wholeheartedly, too.

Post Lovely's acceptance into the family, Kaushik family faced a huge shock and suffers a big loss when their brave and one of the beloved daughter-in-law, Simran died. This tragedy shattered everyone in the family but the love and trust within the Kaushik family helped them to recover the big loss. Time passed and Kaushik family was again blessed with its third daughter-in-law in the form of Karantiya, who after living with the Kaushik family, underwent a complete change of character i.e., from being a ruthless arrogant lady to a loving and caring woman. Karantiya also became a part of Kaushik family and beautifully filled the place left by Simran.

Now, Kaushik family is a complete big happy family. They meet new challenges in their lives but every time Bindeshwari make it sure not to lose her family's unity. Lovely becomes an ideal daughter-in-law and now she wants happiness for her family at any cost. Karthik loves her, too and always supports her. The story also contains some romantic and comic angles between five couples, each having their own story. Overall, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bhauein depicts the unity between Mrs. Kaushik's sons as well as her daughters-in-law who have come from different places yet living happily together at one place.

Main cast[edit]

Actor Character Relevance
Vibha Chibber
Bindeshwari Satyadev Kaushik
Mother / Mother-in-law
Ragini Nandwani / Vindhya Tiwari
Lovely Tyagi/Kaushik
Fifth daughter-in-law (Female protagonist)
Mukul Harish
Karthik Satyadev Kaushik
Fifth son (Male protagonist)
Rajeev Verma
Satyadev Kaushik
Father / Father-in-law
Sunita Shirole
Amma Sa
Jignesh Joshi
Utkarsh Satyadev Kaushik
Eldest son
Gunn Kansara
Gehna Utkarsh Kaushik
First daughter-in-law
Mohit Mattoo
Bittu Kaushik
Second son
Swati Bajpai
Nimmi Kaushik
Second daughter-in-law
Gavie Chahal / Manoj Chandila
Shivendu Kaushik
Third son
Rubina Shergill
Simran Kaushik
Third daughter-in-law (Died)
Divjot Sabarwal
Karantiya Kaushik
Alok Narula
Aditya Kaushik
Fourth son
Deeya Chopra / Preet Kaur
Ria Kaushik
Fourth daughter-in-law
Bharti Sharma
Kaushik's neighbour (Antagonist)
Sanjay Batra
Subodh Tyagi
Lovely's father
Utkarsha Naik
Mala Tyagi
Lovely's mother
Shiwani Chakraborty
Tanya Sharma
Lovely's best friend
Lovely's friend / Tanya's husband
Kanika Shivpuri
Daayi Ma
Lovely's caretaker
Ashish Roy
Shukla ji
Lovely's former Boss
Manoj Chandila
Shivendu's twin brother (Died)
Priti Amin
Komila Bhalla
Radhe's wife


Main characters[edit]

Character Notes
Bindeshwari Kaushik Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik is a strict-disciplinarian woman. She lives by her rules as she believes it helps in managing a joint family better. Behind Bindeshwari's tough exterior, there's a kind-hearten and loving mother & wife who loves each and every member of her family. She is a mother of five sons & have five daughter-in-laws each of them having five contrasting qualities. They call her "Maasa".
Lovely Kaushik Lovely is a beautiful, cheerful and innocent girl. She believes that there is no harm in lying if it is for someone's good. She gets married to Karthik and enters the Kaushik family as its fifth daughter-in-law. However, some of her thoughts are contradictory to the views held by Bindeshwari. She can handle any situation. She loves her family a lot.
Karthik Kaushik Karthik is the youngest son in the Kaushik family. He is loved and pampered by all. He holds his mother in great respect and always follows all the rules and regulations she sets. He falls in love with Lovely and brings home the fifth daughter-in-law of the Kaushik family. Both Karthik & Lovely love each other a lot.

Supporting characters[edit]

Character Notes
Satyadev Kaushik He is Bindeshwari's husband & thus, the father of the family. He usually goes along with his wife's decisions & often shows his ideas when needed. He loves his family a lot & is not as strict towards his children as his wife. They call him Babusa.
Ammasa She is Satyadev's mother & the eldest person in the family. She is not like typical old grandmothers. She believes in living life to the fullest & enjoying each & every moment of it. She is respected by all & wants things to be done her way.
Utkarsh Kaushik He is the eldest son of Satyadev & Bindeshwari. He runs a family retail shop along with his younger brother, Bittu. He is disciplined, helping & mostly engaged in activities related to his shop. He is married to Gehna & the couple have two daughters, Gudia & Bubbly. His love equation with Gehna is not so good because of his serious nature.
Gehna Kaushik She is Utkarsh' Wife & the first daughter-in-law of Bindeshwari. She follows her mother-in-law's every word very well. She nurtures and keeps her family members bonded with each other. She loves to cook food and serve everyone. She is patient, forgiving to a fault and understanding but sometimes she gets jealous of Lovely.
Bittu Kaushik He is the second son of Satyadev & Bindeshwari. He is innocent, loving & a childlike person. He helps his brother Utkarsh in running their retail shop. He is married to Nimmi & they have a son, Lucky. Both Bittu & Nimmi have been childhood friends, so they love each other a lot.
Nimmi Kaushik She is Bittu's wife & the second daughter-in-law of the Kaushik family. She is basically from a Punjabi family. She is funny, energetic & wins everyone's hearts with her childlike innocence. She is Karthik's favorite sister-in-law & Lovely is most close to her among all daughter-in-laws.
Shivendu Kaushik He is the third son of Satyadev & Bindeshwari, mostly called "Shibhu" at home. He is tall, tough & serves in police service. His first wife, Simran was also a police officer like him but she died. Eventually, he fell in love again and got married to Karantiya. He also has a son Anu from his first marriage.
Simran Kaushik She was Shivendu's first wife & the third daughter-in-law of the Kaushik family. She was very calm but capable of silencing her opponents when angered. She used to keep on learning things as she was not so good at household work. But she was a brave & police officer. She died on duty while fighting with terrorists when she was on a training.
Karantiya Kaushik She is Shivendu's second wife and the third daughter-in-law. After Simran's death, she started living with Kaushiks on Shibhu's insistence to help them because she was the only eyewitness of Simran's killers. She was very mean & rude to everyone initially but she changed her attitude after living with the kind Kaushiks. Later, Karantiya & Shibhu started liking each other & got married. Karantiya is basically from a Haryanvi village. She is fast & unstoppable. She also loves Anu & considers him her own son.
Aditya Kaushik He is the fourth son of Satyadev & Bindeshwari. He is young, handsome & well-educated. He is into some marketing business. He is called "Adi" at home. He is married to Ria. Both of them met in London and got married after falling in love.
Ria Kaushik She is Aditya's wife & the fourth daughter-in-law. Having lived in the UK, Ria is nostalgic about her life there but she keep on adjusting herself into Kaushik family. She is fearless and does not hesitate to give her views on any topic. She has a unique sense of style, different from the rest.
Radhe He was Shibhu's identical twin brother. He was initially mistaken as "Shibhu" when he first came home.[1] After seeing Radhe, Bindeshwari confessed that she had given birth to two identical twin sons but she surrendered one of them (Radhe) to her childless brother with a promise of never meeting the child. Radhe initially won everyone's heart and then started attacking them behind their back to take revenge. Soon, he was caught red-handed and the circumstances compelled Bindeshwari to shoot him.[2]
Komila Bhalla Komila was Radhe's wife & Mrs Kaushik's daughter-in-law who lived with the Kaushik family for a small period of time. She and Radhe fell in love at first sight. She's actually a ghost who had a chance of becoming a human only after getting married. She happily got married to Radhe after facing a lot of problems.[3] After Radhe's death, Komila left Kaushik Niwas and went to the place where Radhe lived in his childhood.

Other characters[edit]

Character Notes
Aarti She lives in the neighbor of Kaushik family along with her husband, Pyaare Lal & a son, Lallan. She is very fond of gossiping & keeps on roaming around Kauhsik Niwas. She is quite jealous of the love & affection Kaushik family have & very curious to get each & every piece of information about them.
Subodh Tyagi Subodh is Lovely's father who is a famous politician. He at first didn't like Kaushik family as they are not of his status. But later he & his wife, Mala accepted Karthik as their son-in-law. Their lifestyle is rich, open & modern which is quite different from the Kaushiks.
Mala Tyagi Mala is Lovely's mother who is a social worker and a celebrity. She hardly had time for her Lovely but she loves her daughter a lot. Mala & Subhod visits Lovely's house whenever they need to. They are very good relatives of Kaushiks.
Tanya Sharma Tanya is Lovely's best friend. Tanya's parents wanted her to do arrange marriage & marry Karthik. So she secretly married her boyfriend, Abhay in which Lovely helped her. Lovely also helped Tanya & Abhay in convincing Tanya's parents to accept their marriage.
Abhay He is Tanya's husband. Eventually after their marriage, Karthik & Lovely also fell in love with each other.
Daayi Maa Daayi Maa works in Mala& Subhod's house as Lovely's caretaker. Since Lovely's parents have always been busy in their own lives & social activities, Daayi Maa has played an important role in Lovely's upbringing.
Shuklaji Shuklaji was the director of a theatre group where Lovely used to work before her marriage. He was a strict task master on the surface, but had a softer side. Lovely used to portray mainly lead roles in his drama plays but now, she is not an active member because of her marriage.

Extended cameo characters[edit]

Character Portrayed by Notes
Anamika Jyotsana Chandola Anamika was Aarti's cousin who entered the Kaushik Niwas with an agenda in mind.[4] She won everyone’s heart by pretending that she is a woman of high morals. However, she was just the reverse of it. She used to behave like Simran as if she was internally possessed by Simran's soul though in real she was using Simran's personal diary for this. She actually wanted to get married in the Kaushik family & become the third daughter-in-law of the family ousting Simran.
Kundan Bansi Aashutosh Tiwari Kundan was Anamika's boyfriend who was actually a thief and also married to someone else. He wanted Anamika to marry Shibhu for the sake of money. But their plan failed because Lovely, Karthik & Karantiya exposed their truth just before Shibhu & Anamika's marriage. Both of them were sent to jail & finally Shibhu married Karantiya.[5]
Padmavati Guddi Maruti Padmavati aka Paddy was Bindeshwari's school friend. She came as an uninvited guest, later joined by her husband & two daughters.[6] She faked her identity as a businesswoman. They threw in a bluff of returning from abroad while their plan was to con the Kaushiks. Paddy cleverly convinced Utkarsh for a fake dealership of their business and grabbed 25 lacs from him. Kaushiks came to know about her true identity bit later.
Honey Khushboo Thakkar Honey was Paddy's daughter who came few days later after her mother's arrival. She was very demanding & used to keep on eating all the time.[7] She even married the milkman of Kaushiks & brought him too in the house.[8] On her marriage, Paddy forced Bindeshwari to give some jewellery to Honey which was a part of their plan.
Madhav Anurag Prapanna Madhav aka MD was Paddy's husband. He was invited by Utkarsh and Gehna to sign the dealership papers which they desperately wanted. Madhav bluffed that he is a big businessman from the US and has come down to India to expand his business. He was actually following Paddy's commands.[9]
Baby Menka Lalwani Baby was Paddy's second daughter. She also helped her mother in their plan. She even used to flirt with Utkarsh. They all did a lot dramas in the house & made everyone's life a mess. But later, they realized their mistakes. So, they apologized to everyone & returned.
Aashi Ruhanika She was a little 4-5 yr old girl who came in search of her father with her mother, Pushpa. Pushpa met with an accident before they could enter Kaushik Niwas which left Aashi all alone. Kaushiks gave her shelter. She told them that some man named Mr. Kaushik is her father which shocked & confused whole family.
Naani Rita Bhaduri She was Aashi's grandmother & Pushpa's mother who came to Kaushik Niwas following Pushpa & Aashi.[10]
Pushpa Dwivedi Navina Bole She was Aashi's mother and a cancer victim. She wanted to provide all legal & official rights to Aashi before her death. Pushpa was Karthik's college mate and she claimed that Karthik is Aashi's father. Later it was revealed that their another college mate Akshay is Aashi's real father who maliciously did all this.
Naina Sayantani Ghosh She was an ichchhadhari naagin (a female serpent) who was able to change her form as desired. She came to Kaushik Niwas in search of a "Mani" which she was protecting from thousand years.[11] Lovely helped her in finding it. Naina was quite short-tempered. She even went against Lovely when Lovely asked her to leave. But later, she realized her mistakes and went back after uniting with her husband Naagraj with Lovely's help.
Bhaironath unknown He was an evil black-magician who wanted to steal Naina's "Mani" from her so that he could rule over the world. He was finally killed by Naina.
Brijbhushan Bhalla Gufi Paintal He was Komila's father. He & his family had died 20 years ago and since then they were living as ghosts. They wanted Komila to get married in a good family so that Komila could become a human and rest of the family could attain salvation. It was a boon which was granted to them at the time of their death.[12]
Kiran Bhalla Gulfam Khan She was Komila's mother. She and her husband attained salvation after Komila got married to Radhe.[13]
Billo Rani Rakhi Vijan She was Brijbhushan's evil younger sister. She tried her best to stop Komila & Radhe's marriage because didn't want to achieve salvation. Even after their marriage, she didn't stop troubling the Kaushik family. But every time she failed in her efforts and was finally granted forced salvation.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Zee Rishtey Awards[edit]

Zee Rishtey Awards is an annual award ceremony which was established and firstly awarded in the year 2007. Zee TV channel gives awards to shows broadcast on its station in the previous year. In 2011, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Panch Bahuein was nominated in about 15 different categories. Actors from the Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein cast that year Vibha Chibber, Gunn Kansara, Swati Bajpai, Rubina Shergill & Deeya Chopra & Ragini Nandwani also performed together at the event.[14]

In 2012, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Panch Bahuein was again nominated in several categories.[15] This year Vindhya Tiwari, who had replaced Ragini Nandwani in the show, sparked up the event with her mid-air mujra performance along with fellow Zee TV actresses Ankita Lokhande, Kratika Sengar and Narayani Shastri.[16][17]

Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2011 Popular Jodi Karthik & Lovely Kaushik Nominated
Popular Parivaar Mrs. Kaushik Ka Parivaar Nominated
Popular Face(Male) Karthik Kaushik Nominated
Popular Face(Female) Lovely Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Mata-Pita Bindeshwari & Satyadev Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Saas-Sasur Bindeshwari & Satyadev Kaushik Won
Favourite Beta Karthik Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Bhai Utkarsh, Bittu, Shivendu, Aditya, Karthik Won
Favourite Bhabhi Gehna, Nimmi, Simran, Ria, Lovely Won
Favourite Saas Bahu Bindeshwari & Gehna, Nimmi, Simran, Ria & Lovely Nominated
Favourite Naya Sadasya(Male) Karthik Kaushik Won
Favourite Naya Sadasya(Female) Lovely Kaushik Won
Favourite Nayi Jodi Lovely & Karthik Nominated
Zee Ki Shaan- Most Hard Hitting Personality Mrs. Bindeshwari Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Show(Fiction) Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein Nominated
2012 Popular Parivaar Mrs. Kaushik Ka Parivaar Nominated
Popular Dharavahik Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein Nominated
Favourite Mata-Pita Bindeshwari & Satyadev Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Saas-Sasur Bindeshwari & Satyadev Kaushik Nominated
Favourite Saas-Bahu Bindeshwari & Gehna, Nimmmi, Karantiya, Ria & Lovely Won
Favourite Bhai Utkarsh, Bittu, Shivendu, Aditya, Karthik Nominated
Favourite Baal Kirdaar Anu Kaushik (shared with 4 other nominees) Won

Zee Gold Awards[edit]

The Gold Television Awards is an annual Indian television production award given in various technical and popular categories to Indian television channels. In 2012, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein was nominated in two categories.

Year Category Nominee(s) Result
2012 Best TV Show (Fiction) Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein Nominated
Gold Debut(Male) Mukul Harish Nominated

Guest appearances[edit]


  • Rubina Shergill, who portrayed third daughter-in-law Simran in the show died on 12 January 2012 after having a severe asthma attack.[29] The actress was an asthmatic patient and she suffered from a severe asthma attack during a party thrown by the production house on 23 December 2011. She was then immediately admitted to the hospital. Few days later the reports of Rubina suffering from a brain hemorrhage were released. During her last days, Simran was shown gone for a training in the serial. After Rubina's long time illness, she finally passed away. The script was originally written to have Simran return from training. But after Rubina's demise, the script was re-written to have Simran die as well. The episodes originally aired from 12 March 2012 to 16 March 2012 were dedicated to her.
  • Gavie Chahal (who portrayed Shivendu Kaushik) left the show in March 2012 as he had to shoot for the Bollywood film Ek Tha Tiger.[30] He was replaced by Manoj Chandila.
  • Soon, during mid-April, 2012 Deeya Chopra (who portrayed Ria Kaushik) announced that she has decided to opt out of the show as she had some prior personal commitments. She informed the production house that she is going to quit the show. Swati Taldar was first approached for the role of Ria.[31] But things didn't work out & finally Preet Kaur was roped in for the role of Ria.[32]
  • Later in mid-September 2012, Ragini Nandwani, who played the lead role of Lovely Kaushik also announced that she has decided to opt out the show due to some personal reasons. Ragini continued shooting for the show till mid-October and during that period lot of speculations were created regarding her replacement. Finally she was replaced by Vindhya Tiwari who first appeared in 19 October 2012 episode.


  • Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahunein got replaced by Zee TV new show Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan on 15 March 2013


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