Mrs. Tendulkar

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Mrs. Tendulkar
Genre Comedy
Created by Hats Off Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Written by Sachin Moteh, Nitin Keswwani & Rajat Vyas
Directed by Sameer Kulkarni
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 212
Producer(s) JamandasH Majethia (JD) & Aatish Kapadia
Camera setup 480i (SDTV)
Running time approx. 24+ minutes
Original channel SAB TV
Original run January 31, 2011 – November 25, 2011
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Mrs. Tendulkar was a comedy series on SAB TV, scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm IST. The show followed the daily lives of Suhaas and Vibhavari Tendulkar set in the Gangaram Godbole Sahkari bank colony. Suhaas stays at home while Vibhavari is the Manager of the Gangaram Godbole Sahkari Bank. Because he does all the chores in the house (traditionally done exclusively by women), the housewives of the colony call Suhaas Mrs. Tendulkar.


The show was based on the colony's culture and focuses on the Tendulkars' assimilation into it. Set in a Maharashtrian backdrop,.[1] But Gujarati culture is also highlighted. It portrays and at times makes fun of gender roles in Indian culture. The Tendulkars' traditional-gender-role reversals are the subject of derision in the colony: since the colony members resist change in their comfortable lives, the arrival of the Tendulkar family upsets them as many of their set notions are challenged.[2] In this way, the show implicitly embeds social commentary in its humour.

Main Characters[edit]

Mr. Suhas Tendulkar(Deven Bhojani)- He is a very sweet,caring but Amnesiac house-husband.He is a story writer for a popular seriel which other housewives are fond of.His popular drama is 'BAPU KAHE KO BIYAHE VIDESH HAMKA JAB KI HAMRE HI DESH MEIN KAMI NAHI HAIN CHORON KI-EK BITIYA KI AARAJ'.This is what makes him extremely popular and loved character by the ladies.He has a good relationship with other children and husbands also.He has a catchphrase "Ailaho".He was originally hated by the women of the society as their family was slightly different.He mostly forgets about the names and everything.

Mrs. Vibhavari Tendulkar(Kishori Godbole) - Also called Vibhu or Vibha by her husband, she is the bank manager of Gangaram Godbole Bank.She shares a good rapport with other member of the society.She loves her children dearly.

Kitti Tendulkar(Afia Tayebali) - She is the daughter of Suhas & Vibhavari.She loves to read Romantic stories like :- Mills and Boons etc.She is friends with all other kids of the society.She is around 12 to 14 years of age.

Sunny Tendulkar(Rishabh Sharma) - Son of Vibha & Suhas.Brother of Kitti and Chendu aka mandar.He is about 10 to 12 years of age

Chendu a.k.a. Mandar Tendulkar(Shivansh Kotia) -Son of Vibha and Suhas.Brother of Sunny and Kitti.He is about 3 to 4 yrs.

Mr.Ganesh Upasani(Deepak Pareekh) -He has a very bad habit of borrowing things and not returning them.He is very miserly in spending money.He loves his wife and son Surmangya a.k.a. Mangya.

Mrs.Pratibha Upasani -She is the wife of Ganesh. She is uneducated and calls her husband like rural woman do, e.g."Mangya ke papa, mere voh, mere unko" etc.... They both have a son Surmangya.

Surmagya- Only son of Upasani he is only good person of the Upasanis.

Mr.Birendra Patekar - He is a young man who loves writing poetry. He loves it so much that he speaks in a rhyme. He has got this talent from his wife "Renuka", whom he addresses "Renuke! " just like Sanskrit poets used to do!! He is called Maha Birendra by Renuka. He often quotes "Shaayar Bholenath Yadav" in nonsense and humorous poems which are a cause of irritation to everyone else.

Mrs. Renuka Patekar - She the wife of Virendra Patekar . She also loves poetry and speaks long and complicated Sanskrit words, and meaningless loops of words which form another words with only literary, not logical relation to her former words. Her sentences always result in Pratibha Upasani saying "Matlab??" (What do you mean??) which is answered by "Urmila Trivedi". She often quote "Maha Kavi Shr Ramakant Doiphode ne bhi kaha hai ke" in her poems. They both have a daughter Mrinmai.

Mrunmayee- She is daughter of Virendra & Renuka.She always talks in normal Hindi but like her mother in rhyming.

Mr. Ramdas Pagare (Bharat Ganeshpure) - He is the assistant manager of the bank and always dreams to be the Manager . He is afraid of his wife "Kamal" .He doesn't thinks very good for the bank as he is not the manager . He has a best friend "Umesh Trivedi", who always hears the thought of Pagare when he's in the 'Range'.

Mrs. Kamal Ramdas Pagare (Smita Sarvade)- She is the wife of Ramdas Pagare. She always frightens everyone .She is the follower of "Dighuanna".She is known as "the bhai of the society". Whenever she has a doubt on her husband, she calls up "Umesh Trivedi" to read the mind of her husband and tell her. They both have a son Prasad.

Mr. Umesh Trivedi(Sameer Shah)- He

Mrs. Urmila Umesh Trivedi(Amita Choksi)- Urmila is a typical gujrati wife who always shout 'yeh umesh' . They always talk in gujrati and Hindi mixed language she is teacher of Prathiba to make understand what do the Patekars tell.

Mayuri Trivedi- Mayuri is alway in a dream of to run out from her house and marry Prasad. She is always applying makeup like nailpolish, etc. She is super-lazy and asks her 'Bhabhi' (Urmila Trivedi) to do little tasks for her like breaking a bite of food, pressing the button of the remote Controller, etc...

Megha-Megha is mostly called Nilesh ki mummy mother of Nilesh. She is shown as a second character who used to say Ae Nilesh! Nalayak, gadhe, Kartya! Khan hai tu??? Ghar kab aayega (Oh Nilesh! Useless, donkey, lazy! Where are you??? When you will reach home???. Her voice is irritating for society people but sometimes her voice conveys information.

Bhima Bai- She is the housemaid of Gangaram Godbole Bank Colony, very powerful lady, always insist colony members to recharge her mobile for her extra household works. She is called BBC by the colony members

Ashalata- She's the only Female worker except Vibhavari in the bank, who talks in a series of questions without saying the exact thing, often resulting in listeners telling her to better not tell.

Ghanashyam-He is the sweeper and peon of the bank.he and Yadav together live in society.

Yadav-He is watchman and securityman of bank who lives in society with Gansham. After every sentence he spoke, he laughed unnecessarily.

Baa-Her real name is Mani Kanta Bachchu Bhai Trivedi.She is Umesh's mother.Whenever he tells her incidence, she said that there she met her husband.

Chakhuli-She is a child shown as Chendu's girlfriend. She is Upasini's daughter.



The First Season of Mrs. Tendulkar ended on 25 November 2011. Hats Off Productions launched their new serial R K Laxman Ki Duniya in the place of this.


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