Mount Tlaloc

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Mount Tlaloc
Elevation 4,151 m (13,619 ft)
Location Mexico State and Tlaxcala, Mexico
Coordinates 19°25′N 98°43′W / 19.417°N 98.717°W / 19.417; -98.717Coordinates: 19°25′N 98°43′W / 19.417°N 98.717°W / 19.417; -98.717
Type Extinct stratovolcano
Volcanic arc/belt Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

Mount Tlaloc (Spanish: Cerro Tláloc or El Mirador, Nahuatl: Tlalocatepetl) is a mountain in central Mexico, located east of Mexico City. Its height is 13,615 ft. (4,151 metres). It was a sacred mountain of the Aztecs who worshipped the raingod Tlaloc here. On the summit there are remains of an Aztec shrine where ceremonies, among them human sacrifices, were carried out.