Mu Epsilon Delta

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Mu Epsilon Delta
MED Caduceus
Founded 1965
University of Tennessee at Martin
Type Leadership, Service
Motto "Serve, Heal, Love, and Live Heartily."
Colors Red, White, and Blue
Symbol Caduceus
Homepage Mu Epsilon Delta

Mu Epsilon (ΜΕΔ), also known as MED, is a local fraternity for those who are interested in or currently studying in the pre-medical field. It was founded in 1965 on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin. The co-ed fraternity is a service organization and is recognized as such. It functions as a non-profit, national health science, honor and service pre-professional organization and operates for the benefit of its members. This organization is intended to provide information about the medical field and to promote campus interest in the medical professions.


The purpose of this fraternity is to promote pre-medical professions in the community. Mu Epsilon Delta shall participate in community related events. By being positive influences upon the university and community Mu Epsilon Delta will be able to provide insight and exposure for its members to doctors. Mu Epsilon Delta should assist pre-medical professional students and promote academic success as well as providing a forum for exchanging ideas and concerns.



The colors of Mu Epsilon Delta are red, white, and blue. Red represents the action, passion, confidence of the members of Mu Epsilon Delta to pursue dreams. White represents the clarity and focus of the members of Mu Epsilon Delta. Blue symbolizes the close-mindedness of Mu Epsilon Delta and the broadening perspectives of its members in learning new information.


The symbol of Mu Epsilon Delta is the Caduceus, which features two snakes on a winged staff.


Ministro, Sano, Delecto, Et Vivo Vigoratus — Serve, Heal, Love, and Live Heartily

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