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Mucker may refer to

  • A person's last name
  • On a farm, a "mucker" is a person who shovels feces ("muck") from animal stalls in a barn. A "mucker" is a person who mucks, i.e., shovels[1][2]
  • In publishing, a mucker (or muckraker) is a person who digs through the figurative feces (see On a farm) to find the truth.
  • In mining, a mucker is a person who shovels broken ore or waste rock into orecars or orebuckets.[3]
  • Muckers is the nickname of a group in Pietism, followers of certain theologians
  • In North American ice hockey "Mucker" is synonymous with a Grinder as a player who is tough and hardworking with a willingness to "do the dirty work" and "dig out the puck". It is often used in combination, "He's a mucker and grinder."
  • In British and Irish English "mucker" is a colloquialism meaning "friend".[4]
  • Muckers, also known as ring toss (not to be confused with the ring toss carnival game) or circle horseshoes, is an outdoor game, commonly played at summer camps.


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