Mud Spring (Antelope Valley)

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Mud Spring
Location Los Angeles County, California, United States
Coordinates 34°42′36″N 118°25′04″W / 34.71000°N 118.41778°W / 34.71000; -118.41778
Elevation 875 metres (2,871 ft) above sea level

Mud Spring, formerly Aquaje Lodoso, is a spring in the Antelope Valley in Los Angeles County north of Lake Hughes.[1]

Aquaje Lodoso was a watering place on El Camino Viejo between Elizabeth Lake and Cow Spring. It was also a watering place on the Old Tejon Pass road.[2]

In 1860, a correspondent of the Daily Alta California wrote an account of his travel by stage to Los Angeles from San Francisco. He mentions that the Butterfield Overland Mail, had a station operating at Mud Springs in 1860. It was 14 miles from French Johns and 13 miles from Clayton's (formerly Widow Smith's Station).[3]


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