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Mudderella is a 5-7 mile long obstacle course event series targeted toward women. With 12-15 obstacles, Mudderella courses .are designed to test strength and stamina.[1]


Mudderella was created in 2013 by Cristina DeVito, who was formerly Chief Strategy Officer at Tough Mudder.[2]

The first Mudderella event was held in Tamiment, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 21, 2013.[3]


The event begins with a warm-up period called “Stretch + Strengthen.”[4] On the course, obstacles include “Hat Trick,” where participants trampoline onto a cargo net, climb up and then slide down into a muddy pool.[5] Mudderella events are not timed; the organizers encourage teamwork.[6] Other obstacles include hay bale mountains, stability balls, and water.[7]

After running the course, participants attend a “Rinse + Revive” station, where there are showers, activities and entertainment.[8]

Charity partnership[edit]

Mudderella supports Futures Without Violence, a national nonprofit that aims to prevent and end domestic violence by standing with survivors and developing innovative programs and policies that engage new allies as partners in the solution.[9]


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