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Official logo of MICA.png
Motto The School of Ideas
Founder(s) A.G. Krishnamurthy
Established 1991
Mission To develop innovative professionals in the practice, development and management of communications to serve the needs of industry and society through education, research and advocacy[1]
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Website www.mica.ac.in

MICA is an academic institution for Strategic Marketing and Communication skills in India. Established in 1991, it is located on the outskirts of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad. Recently, on March 29, 2014, amidst the nineteenth convocation, MICA launched its new logo while still retaining its vision to create leadership in Strategic Marketing & Communication, as also its tagline- ‘The School of Ideas’. [2]MICA has now dropped its acronym and will now be known as only 'MICA'. [3]


MICA was established in 1991 by A.G. Krishnamurthy of Mudra Communications, as an autonomous post graduate academic institute.[4] It was set up to feed the Indian advertising industry with trained persons. The main academic block was inaugurated in 1993 and MICA relocated to its current campus at Shela. It was also the year in which its first Director Dr. Binod C Agrawal began his tenure. The first flagship batch of PGPD program in Communications was inaugurated by the then Governor of Gujurat, Sh. Sarup Singh in 1994.[5]

Over the course of next 20 years, the CCC, Online PG Certificate and FPM programs were introduced. [6]

New Visual Identity[edit]

The refreshed visual identity is a marriage of the constant evolution of the institute and the universality of the Fibonacci spiral. Since 1991, MICA has been symbolized by the dual triangles. In its recent brand refresh, the institution adopted a new logo whose basis lies in the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci principle is the most powerful explanation of the scientific basis behind all natural art forms and the spiral best explains the harmony in the universe. In nature, The Fibonacci spiral allows an organism to grow while maintaining the original shape. Adopting this principle to the MICA logo, the science of strategic marketing exists in the primary symbol i.e. the triangle, and the art of communication finds its manifestation in the flexibility to constantly evolve. The unlocked triangles allow for openness and dialogue, yet maintain a strong connection amongst the many stakeholders. The colour red symbolizes strength, passion, commitment and dedication to a cause, a purpose, a focus - an equal and simultaneous focus on people, planet and profit. [7]

Courses offered[edit]

MICA offers the following programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Communications)[edit]

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Communications) PGDM (C) is the flagship programme of MICA. It is a two-year residential programme for the study of Integrated Marketing Communications management.[8]

The programme offers specializations in the areas of

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communications[edit]

This one year programme leads to a certificate in Crafting Creative Communications with specialisation in Crafting Copywriting or Art Direction, depending on the module chosen by the student. A one of its kind creative course, the main objective of this programme is to develop students into professionals for careers in Marketing Communications.[10]

Online Postgraduate Certificate Programmes[edit]

MICA offers skills enhancement programmes. The institute offers the following programmes as part of this initiative:

Advertising Management and Public Relations[edit]

A one year online course including a campus visit for junior and middle level executives interested in the field of advertising and public relations.[11]

Research and Data Analytics[edit]

A one year online course for students to foster objective data analysis strategies, apply critical thinking skills to data analysis, generate and validate solutions to a problem and communicate findings.[12]

Retail Management[edit]

A one year online course for executives with an acumen and interest in Retail Management. The program has been designed in close consultation with the industry to prepare entry-level and experienced professionals for a career in Retail Management.[13]

Fellow Program in Management-Communications (FPM-C)[edit]

A three year full-time residential doctoral programme in communications discipline.[14]


MICA receives visiting faculty from other institutions, and practitioners from the advertising, marketing, marketing research, public relations and media industry.

Currently Prof. Nagesh Rao is President and Director at MICA. Prof.Rajneesh Krishna is Head of Academic Affairs, Prof. Anita Basalingappa is Head of Admissions and Prof. Kallol Das is Head of Research. The heads for different programmes offered at MICA are: Prof. T.T.Sreekumar Pillai for FPM; Prof. Falguni Vasavada-Oza for all Online Courses;and, Prof. Subhash Tendle for CCC.


The institute aims to conduct research in communication as applied to the needs of the communications industry.


The "Journal of Creative Communications" is MICA's in-house publication. The journal publishes articles in the areas of marketing communications, communication management, mass and new media, development communication, culture studies, and organizational communications.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Entrepreneurship Development Centre[edit]

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre encourages entrepreneurial initiatives amongst students. Participating students gain insights into structuring a business deal, charging fees and maintaining profitability.

MICA is a Fulbright Affiliate institute and an approved and accredited partner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

Other activities[edit]


MCSA is the officially recognised student body of MICA. All other committees come under the purview of MCSA and it liaisons between the students and the administration. It has been in existence since MICA's inception and consists of three members- President, General Secretary and Treasurer.


The Career Planning and Development Cell or PlaceComm as it is informally known, is a student run body that handles placements at MICA. The committee interacts with the corporate world through various avenues and is instrumental in strengthening industry relations.


Micanvas 2013 garnered participation from premier management institutions in the country like ISB and the IIMs

Started in 2002, Micanvas is the annual marketing management festival of MICA, where the best minds in the country meet and face off in case-study and business plan competitions, white paper presentations, quizzes, debates and an eclectic mix of formal and informal events.


Comcubator is MICA's business-based incubator, solely devoted to incubating communications technology and services related initiatives with the support of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.[20] The Comcubator will encourage any idea which has the potential to change, transform or enhance the field of communications. Inaugurated on the 24th of November 2010, it regularly hosts events on campus featuring incubates.[21]


The Literary Committee (LitComm) at MICA is charged with keeping the passion for the written word in all its forms alive on campus. The magnum opus of the committee is Reverie, the annual literary festival coupled with its lead event titled Authorspeak. The latter is a confluence of eminent authors and has featured the likes of Mallika Sarabhai and Piyush Mishra in the past.[22]


Sankalp's 'And Then She Sang The Blues', an adaptation of Nina Paley's 'Sita Sings The Blues'

Sankalp is the in-house theatre production society, where every activity associated with staging a play - acting, direction, sounds, lights, set design,music, marketing, managing the event - is carried out by students. The annual production started in 1999 is performed at the Natrani Theatre in Ahmedabad for three nights.[23] Other intra-collegiate events like Khula Aasmaan,[24] Showcase and Rangmanch are conducted throughout the year. The annual intercollegiate event conducted by Sankalp is called Mukhaute which was started in 2010 and happens in January.[25]

Sports Committee at MICA

The sports committee at MICA organizes sports events on campus throughout the year - football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, cricket, chess, throwball, volleyball, etc.

Their main event, Samar, was started in 2011[26] and is a national level sports meet for management schools that happens during the last week of February and spans 3 days.[27]

MICA Lecture Series

MICA Lecture series organizes guest lectures for students by eminent industry leaders and prominent MICA alumni. Some of the speakers in the past include Rajdeep Endow, MD, Sapient India, Sonal Dabral, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra and Anil Agarwal, founder, Vedanta Group.[28]

Indian Ocean performing live at MICA Ahmedabad.

Studio 7

Studio 7 is a student committee on campus founded in 2012 to promote and facilitate music. It organizes concerts in association with SPICMACAY. Performers in the past have included stalwarts from the field of music such as. Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt and Norway's Karl Seglem Acoustic Quarter.[29]

Team Interface

Team Interface is the media and PR wing of MICA. It handles a significant part of the communication concerning MICA that reaches its stakeholders. The committee members manage MICA’s social media properties and maintain and enhance contacts with the PRESS, ensuring that MICA is in the news for all the right reasons!


MICAMINDS, the research and consultancy cell at MICA strives to create opportunities that fulfil the aspirations of the industry, students and the guiding faculty. The live projects undertaken are an extension of the classroom learning and equip our students with hands-on experience.

Alumni Committee

For any elite institute, one of the major strengths is a strong alumni base. The MICA Alumni Committee dedicatedly functions to strengthen the bond between the institute and its alumni for a mutually beneficial relationship. This is leveraged not only by the existing students, but also by the alumni who might want to contribute and give back to their alma mater.


MICAVAANI is MICA’s own community radio station that operates on the frequency 90.4 FM. Here, students manage an independent media platform dedicated to social relevance. It transmits within a 7 km radius from the Institute. The student-run committee manages production, programming, research and marketing functions.


Jagriti is the Social Service Wing of MICA that began as a teaching initiative by the final year students of 2010. They started teaching workers at the MICA canteen and the mess daily. Gradually they expanded their scope of work and by year-end; they had made significant contributions to the society through several initiatives.


Mix cultures with a dash of the MICAn madness and what do you get? CulComm. Festival celebrations on campus with all its mirth and jovialty, bringing the entire campus together on special occasions and helping everyone bond warmly, bringing hidden talents to light via various cultural events- All of this is CulComm (MICA’s cultural committee).


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