Mug Travel

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Mug Travel
Mug Travel film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Lim Ah-ron
Produced by Lori Forte
Christopher Gypte
Angi Dyste
Written by Mark Lawson
Starring Pui Fan Lee
Simon Shelton
John Simmit
Ninky Smedley
Dave Thompson
Mark Hennehan
Tim Whintall
Toyah Wilcox
Music by John Powell
Theme by:Bruce Broughton
Cinematography Nicky Hinkley
Edited by Lee Phillips
Jonathan Birkett
David Barry
Simon Cruse
Distributed by RG Animation Studios
Release date(s)
  • 22 March 2007 (2007-03-22)
Running time 76 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $608,835

Mug Travel (Hangul: 빼꼼의 머그잔 여행; RR: Ppaekkom-ui meogeu-jan yeohaeng, known as My Friend Bernard in English) is a 2007 South Korean computer-animated film, directed by Lim Ah-ron and based on his animated TV series, Backkom.


A little girl named Bebe, all alone on Christmas Eve, is given a magical pendant from Santa Claus and embarks on a fantastical adventure. Travelling in a mug with the power of teleportation, Bebe explores a variety of exotic locations from the desert to the North Pole, accompanied by a host of characters including Backkom the polar bear and Konkongee the penguin.


Produced by RG Animation Studios and directed by Lim Ah-ron, Mug Travel is a feature film adaptation of Lim's computer-animated TV series Backkom.[1][2] The film and TV series were made at the same time on a combined budget of $5.9 million, after Lim noticed a gap in the market for shows aimed at preschool children.[1]


Mug Travel was released in South Korea on 22 March 2007,[3] and was ranked eighth at the Korean box office on its opening weekend with 48,244 admissions.[4] Over the course of its theatrical run, the film accumulated a total of 135,261 admissions nationwide,[3] and grossed $608,835.[5]

Mug Travel was screened at the Fifth Bimini Animation Festival, held in Latvia in March 2007, where it was the winner of "The Best Film for Children" award.[2] It was subsequebtly selected to participate in the non-competition category at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film, which ran from 5–17 April 2007 in Belgium.[6]

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