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Town of Lahore
Mughalpura is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°33.8′N 74°22.8′E / 31.5633°N 74.3800°E / 31.5633; 74.3800Coordinates: 31°33.8′N 74°22.8′E / 31.5633°N 74.3800°E / 31.5633; 74.3800
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Lahore District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Postal Code 54840
Area code(s) 42368

Mughalpura (Urdu: مغلپورہ‎) is a town in Lahore district located in the old city of Lahore. 19 km from Pakistan-India Border. Mughalpura gets its name from the Great Mughal Empires of United India and most of the local roads are named after Mughal Emperors.


Mughalpura is located in the eastern part of Lahore neighbouring Lahore Cantonment in the South, Baghbanpura in North, Dharampura in West and Harbanspura in the East along the famous Lahore Canal.

Neighborhoods / Suburbs[edit]

Neighborhoods in Mughal Pura are Suikarno Bazar, Gunj Bazar, Shrine of Shah Kamal, Ram Garh,(Mujahid Abad), Daras Baray Mian,Daras Chhotay Mian, Sahu Wari, Lal Pul,Maskeen Pura,Naya Pul,Taj Pura,Taj Bagh,Tauheed Park, Amratsari Mohallah, Laurex Colony. Sara e Kashi Ram, Ishwer Nagar, Dry Port, Ahatta Sampooran Singh, Griffin Scheme, Griffine Ground, MET1, MET2, Azeem Ground, Makki Colony, Madni Clony, Gari shaho etc. etc.

Mughalpura Railway Station[edit]

Mughalpura Railway Station used to be served by commuter trains which no longer run. It is adjacent to Lahore Dry Port.

Main places[edit]


(Urdu: رامگڑھ) is a suburb /neighbourhood mian town of Mughalpura (Lahore, Pakistan). It is a densely populated area. It is also known as Mujahidabad

Lahore Dryport[edit]

Lahore Dry Port was the first Dry Port established in Pakistan, at Mughalpura Constructed and managed by Pakistan Railways since 1973.[1]

PASSCO Store[edit]

Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation has maintained a grain store in the area.

Mughalpura Railway Station[edit]

First Station of Pakistan entering from India after the Wagha Border Station.

Mughalpura Railway Workshop[edit]

Mughalpura Railway Workshop situated in Lahore is the largest railway workshop of Pakistan. This is also one of the oldest workshop of the country where all the engines are repaired and overhauled.It was established in 1912.It is one of the most important training center for Pakistan Railway engineers.

Irrigation Workshop[edit]

Mughalpura Irrigation Workshop, Lahore Division works under the Punjab Irrigation Department. Parts e.g. Canal / River Gates are manufactured here. This was one of the most effected places when Shalimar Interchange / Mughalpura Flyover was built because a lot of land was acquired from this workshop to widen the roads.[2]

Shalamar Garden[edit]

The Shalimar Gardens, sometimes written Shalamar Gardens, is a Persian garden built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan around 1641.

New Development[edit]

Shalimar Interchange / Mughalpura Flyover[edit]

This interchange and flyover was inaugurated by the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in January, 2010. The 3-tier interchange was developed by FWO. It has a 1.6 km long flyover and 2.2 km long underpass.[3]


Mughalpura is part of National Assembly Constituency NA-124 and has been a political battlefield for PML (N) and PPPP. Famous names like Salman Taseer, Tariq Aziz (TV Anchor), Aitzaz Ahsan and Fareed Paracha have contested there. Sheikh Rohail Asghar PML (N) was elected for National Assembly seat in Elections 2008 and 2013 .



There is no university campus in Mughalpura but the nearest university campuses are UET, Punjab University (Old Campus), Punjab University (New Campus), Forman Christian College, Government College University.


Pak-German Technical Training Institute, Jamia Sarajia Naeemia and Shalimar College of Nursing, Punjab Group of Colleges are the prominent colleges in Mughalpura. Other nearest colleges are Government Shalimar College, Government College for Women, Queen Mary College, Lahore and Islamic College for Women.


There are a lot of State Owned, Semi Private and Private schools in Mughalpura. Few of the famous ones are Pakistan Railways High School, Millat High School, Govt. Islamic High School, MC Boys High School and Society Public School.

Medical Facilities[edit]


There are a lot of private hospitals / clinics in Mughalpura but few of the main hospitals are Shalamar Hospital,[4] Railways Hospital, Al Ehsan Welfare Eye / Gyny Hospital[5] and Society Hospital.[6]


There are dozens of pharmacies on Shalimar Link Road but few of the biggest pharmacies where both on-shelf and prescribed medicines can be purchased are Fazal Din's Pharma Plus,[7] Clinix and Choudhary Medical Store.


Shalimar Link Road is the best place for shopping Garments, Shoes, Consumer Electronics and Furniture. It branches to few markets like Soekarno Bazar, Gunj Bazar and Ramgarh Bazar. Naemat Khana is one of the biggest shopping malls in the area.


There are a lot of good restaurants and takeaways in Mughalpura.

Murgh Chanay (Cholay)[edit]

Murgh Chanay is a famous Lahori Cuisine which is part of traditional breakfast. Lassani Murgh Chanay (beside Shell Fuel Station) Heera Murgh Chanay (near Amritsari Mohalla) and Hakim Murgh Chanay (Ramgarh Bus Stop) are the best places to have murgh chanay.

Fried Masala Fish[edit]

Fried Masala Fish is a famous Lahori Cuisine. Sardar Fish (Ramgarh Bus Stop), Rehman Fish (Al Rehman Mosque, Ramgarh Bazar) and Siddiq Fish (Majan Wala Adda) are the best places to have fried masala fish (Usually Rohu and Baam).

Gol Gappay[edit]

Mughalpura has the highest number of road side stalls selling Gol Gappay as compared to anywhere in the city. Dozens of stands can be seen alongside the Lahore Canal while traveling from Griffin towards Shalimar Interchange in the evening. Each stall has an area reserved for sitting in the Road side park. Traditional Kerosene lamps are used as a lighting source which makes the environment so beautiful.

Fast Food[edit]

There is a Mr. Chicks's restaurant / takeaway in Mughalpura but there is a growing trend of eating Shawarma. There are dozens of Shawarma takeaways on Shalimar Link Road. Nearest fast-food chain restaurants are AFC (Lalpul)[8] and KFC (G.T. Road, Singhpura).[9]


Cricket is the main sports like any other place in Pakistan. But a minority also plays football, volleyball, field hockey and badminton. Griffin is one of the main sports centres in the area which has separate fields for cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, and field hockey and also has facilities for indoor sports like table tennis.

Mughalpura has produced couple of National and International Bodybuilding champions over the years. As a result, a lot of youngsters like Bodybuilding and Weight Training. There are good numbers of Gyms in the area.


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