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Not to be confused with Mugali language.
Region Nepal
Native speakers
7,000  (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 muk
Glottolog mugo1238[2]

Mugom (Mugu, Mugum) is a variety of Tibetic spoken by over 6,000 people in Nepal and about 500 in India.

It is spoken primarily in the Karneli Zone, in the Muga district and in the Jumla district in Nepal. Some speakers of this language have migrated to Kathmandu. It is divided into two dialects, Karani and Mugali, which appear to be about 90% mutually intelligible. However, the Mugalis view themselves as being of a higher class than the Karani and disdain their language and materials written in it. Most Mugali are Buddhist while most of the Kanari and Hindus.

There have been attempts to create health-education materials aimed at the Mugom that take into account their culture and levels of literacy specifically.


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