Muhammad Aqa-Kermani

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Muhammad Aqa-Kermani (Persian: محمد اقكرمنى ‎) also written Aqkirmani was an 18th-century Ukrainian physician from Akkerman.

Little is known of Muhammad Aqkirmani's life except that he was active around the year 1747.

He is known by an encyclopedia that is preserved today, as well as three other treatises, all of a lexigraphical or encyclopedic nature.

His only medical writing appears to be the treatise on dental hygiene that is preserved in a manuscript at The National Library of Medicine. This is the only treatise the NLM has dealing specifically with dental hygiene . It is a unique copy of a treatise on the proper regimen with the toothbrush (siwak). No other copy is recorded. The treatise is titled: Risalah fi hukm al-siwak ("Essay on the Regimen of the Toothbrush"), written in 1747.


For his compositions, other than the medical one mentioned above, see:

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