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Muhammad Munawwar Mirza (Punjabi, Urdu: محمد منور مرزا‎) (born 1923 – 7 February 2000), was a prominent Iqbal scholar, historian, writer and intellectual from Pakistan.

A Muhammad Munawwar Mirza
Muhammad Munawwar Mirza delivering a lecture on Iqbal RA

Life and contribution[edit]

Born in 1923, he did his Masters in Urdu, Arabic and Philosophy from the University of the Punjab. He started his teaching career in 1953, which continued, to his Government College years till his retirement in 1980. He was appointed the chairman, Department of Iqbal Studies, University Oriental College, Lahore from 1981 to 1985. He was appointed Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan from 1985 to 1988 and then from 1991 to 1993. He was a Member and office holder of many Committees and formations. Prof. Muhammad Munawwar wrote a large number of books relating to Iqbal Studies, Pakistan Movement, Islamic Studies, Literature and other topics. He contributed hundreds of articles on various topics, which were published in journals of International repute. He also translated a number of books from Arabic and English to Urdu. He attended a large number of National and International Conferences held in Pakistan and abroad. His book relating to the Iqbal Studies entitled Iqbal and Quranic Wisdom won the National Presidential Iqbal Award in 1986. As an acknowledgment and token of appreciation of his contributions, Prof. Muhammad Munawwar was awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan.[1]

A Muhammad Munawwar Mirza
Muhammad Munawwar Mirza receiving Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, from President of Pakistan Chief Justice (rtd) Rafique Tarar




  • Iqbal and Qur'anic Wisdom (1981)
  • Iqbal: Poet Philosopher of Islam (1985)
  • Dimensions of Iqbal (1986)
  • Dimensions of Pakistan Movement (1987)
  • Iqbal on Man's spiritual evolution
  • Iqbal on Human Perfection


  • Ghubar e tamanna (1973)
  • Aulad e Adam (1973)
  • Meezan e Iqbal (1973)
  • Intikhab e Aatish (1977)
  • Eekaan e Iqbal (1977)
  • Allama Iqbal ki Farsi ghazal (1977)
  • Burhan e Iqbal (1982)
  • Deewar e Brahman (1992)
  • Mushaheda e Haq ki guftugu (1992)
  • Tehreek e Pakistan: Taareekhi Khad o khaal (1992)
  • Pakistan- Hisar e Islam (1998)
  • Qirtas e Iqbal (1998)


  • Ghazal e Farsi Allama Iqbal (1987)
  • Deewan e Munawwar Farsi (1995)


  • Al fitna tul Qubra by Taha Hussain (Arabic to Urdu 1959)
  • Adeeb by Taha Hussein (Arabic to Urdu 1959)
  • Al Akhbar l Tawal by Abu Hanifa al Dunevari (Arabic to Urdu 1964)
  • Syasat nama by Nizam ul Mulk Tusi (Persian to Urdu 1960)
  • Teen Musalmaan Felsof (Three Muslim Sages) by Hussain Nasr (English to Urdu 1969)


  • Iqbal bhazoor e Adam
  • Allama Iqbal aur usul e harkat
  • Deewar e Barlan aur Deewar e Brahman
  • Babri Masjid
  • Agar Pakistan na Banta
  • Difa e Pakistan aur Hindu Muslim mufahmat
  • Tehreek e Pakistan aur Khalsa syasat
  • Band e Matram ka shakhsana


  • Iqbaliat 1991–1992
  • Iqbaliat 1987
  • Iqbaliat 1992
  • Iqbaliat 1989


  • Addressed at least Twenty-seven meetings of Markazia Majlis e Iqbal
  • Delivered more than dozen speeches at stage of 'Hamdard
  • Addressed several Rotary Clubs of Pakistan
  • Delegate to Asian Conference of Muslim countries (Karachi, 1978)
  • Delegate to Foreign Ministers Conference of Muslim Countries (Islambad, 1980)
  • Participated International Iqbal Celebrations (Cairo, Egypt, November 1985)
  • First Iqbal International Congress, (Tehran, March 1986)
  • Participation in Celebration of Allama Iqbal Day in Damascus, Dubai, & Abu Dhabi (November 1986)
  • National Seerat Conference (Presided by A K Barohi)
  • South Asian Conference on Religion, Culture & History
  • Participation in Celebration of Allama Iqbal Day in Belgium, Netherland, UK, France & Norway (July 1988)
  • Participation in a meeting of Al-Daras-Al-Hussaniyyah at Rabat Morocco (April 1989)
  • Member of Muslim League Delegation to Bangladesh (1989)
  • Delivered lectures on Iqbal (RA) & Pakistan Movement in Toronto & Buffalo (Canada & America) in 1991
  • Participation in Iqbal International Seminar, Qurtaba, Spain 1992
  • Lectures delivered on Pakistan Movement in Qatar/ Oman & Abu Dhabi in 1992
  • Sole speaker on ground breaking ceremony of Aiwan e Iqbal, Lhr
  • Addressed at Quaid e Azam Conferences held at President House, presided over by Gen Zia ul Haq


  • Member, Governing body, Iqbal Academy, Pakistan
  • Member, Markazia Majlis e Iqbal, Lhr
  • Member, Central Zaka'at Council
  • Member, Chancellor's Committee, University of Bahawalpur (1976–1982)
  • Member, Executive Committee,Himayat e Islam, Lhr
  • Member, Bab e Pakistan Project Committee
  • Member, Governing Body, Dyal Singh Trust Library
  • Member, Punjab Arts Council
  • Member, Governing Body, Radio Pakistan
  • Member, Advisory Body, Pakistan Television, Lhr
  • Member, Aiwan e Iqbal Committee
  • Member, The Offiicial Languages Committee, Govt. of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Member, Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam Centenary Celebrations Committee, Govt. of the Punjab
  • Member, Research Council of the Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad
  • Member, Idara Minhaj ul Qur'an, Lahore
  • Member, South Asian Studies Centre, Punjab University, Lahore
  • Member, Institute of Pakistan Affairs, Lhr
  • Member, Hafeez Jallundari Memorial Committee
  • Member, West Pakistan Urdu Academy, Lahore
  • Member, Committee for Construction of Monument in Commemoration of Heritage of Muslim Spain
  • Chairman, Committee for Establishment of Women University
  • Member, Committee for reconstruction of Muhammad bin Qasim Masjid
  • Member, Pakistan's Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee


Radio/TV Talks

  • Frequent Radio & TV talks on National Hookup at Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar stations.

Those included regular features on Islamic History, Current Affairs, Ethics, Social Sciences, and particularly Iqbal, Hindu mentality, Pakistan Movement besides other topics of National interest.

Lectures at Army Forums

  • Thrice at PMA Kakul & thrice at 10 Core HQ, Pindi, presided over by Gen G M Malik
  • At PMA Kakul, under the chairmanship of Gen Lehrasip Khan (twice) and Gen Muhammad Maqbool
  • At Sialkot Core, presided over by Gen Latif Mughal
  • At Mangla Cadet Training Centre, under chairmanship of Maj Gen Muhammad Saleem and under chairmanship of Gen Barki
  • At Khariaan to 2 No Army Division, while Gen Tahir Ali Qureshi in chair & Maj Gen Muhammad Saleem presided over
  • Talks to Army jawaans thrice at Military College, Jhelum
  • In Okara, sessions chaired by Gen S K F Lodhi & Gen K M Arif, hosted by Maj Gen Feroze
  • At Command & Staff College, Quetta, presided over by Brig Amjad
  • Mass Media Seminar, under ISPR, arranged by Brig Riaz Ahmed (Late) Director

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Preceded by
Mr. Shohrat Bukhari
Director Iqbal Academy
Succeeded by
Dr. Waheed Qureshi