Muhammad Shah of Malacca

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For similarly named persons and places, see Muhammad Shah (disambiguation).

Sultan Muhammad Shah (1424–1444) was the third sultan of Malacca. He is the son of Megat Iskandar Shah (Sultan of Malacca). He ruled Malacca from 1424 to 1444. He was succeeded by Sultan Abu Syahid. He was popularly known as Raja Tengah or Radin Tengah. At first he took the title Seri Maharaja, but then he converted to Islam, because of the possibility of marriage with the daughter of Tamil Muslims. He had two sons, Raja Kassim and Raja Ibrahim.

The dream[edit]

It was said that one night the king had a dream. He dreamt that he saw Prophet Muhammad clearly and the Prophet subsequently told him to repeat 'there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger'. After the king repeated these words, the Prophet said that a ship from Jeddah would anchor at the time for afternoon prayers, and the king was to follow the directions of the man who would come out of the ship to pray. With that, the Prophet disappeared from sight. Sure enough, everything described in the dream happened.

Muhammad Shah of Malacca
House of Malacca
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Megat Iskandar Shah
Sultan of Malacca
Succeeded by
Abu Syahid