Mujer de Madera

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Mujer de Madera
Title Card
DVD cover
Starring Edith González/Ana Patricia Rojo
Ludwika Paleta
Adamari López
Gabriel Soto
Jaime Camil
Maya Mishalska
Opening theme Mujer de Madera
Cristian Castro
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 205
Producer(s) Emilio Larrosa
Running time 60 minutes(With Commercial)
Original channel Televisa
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original run April 14, 2004 – February 4, 2005
Preceded by Mariana de la noche
Followed by La Madrastra
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Mujer de Madera (literally "Woman of Wood" or "Wooden Woman" but launched officially as Heart of Stone) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa in 2004. One unusual feature of this telenovela is that the main character is played by different actresses before and after her stay in hospital due to a forest fire.


First season[edit]

Marisa (Edith González) was about to get married to the love of her life Cesar (Jaime Camil) when the wedding was suddenly interrupted by a woman claiming to be pregnant with Cesar's baby. Distraught and heartbroken, Marisa then becomes a 'woman of wood': A woman hard to get to and who strives to continue her life alone. Cesar tries to amend his fault by marrying the mother of his daughter and tries to be happy. But he can't forget Marisa and turns to drinking.

Carlos (Gabriel Soto) is an idealist fighting against illegal logging operations. Marisa and Carlos meet thanks to their common interest in discovering the truth behind the sell of illegal wood. Marisa discovers that her sister Aida (Ludwika Paleta) is in love with Carlos. Having had experience with men, Marisa decides to romance him to keep him away from her sister so she won't get hurt. Slowly but surely, the attraction between Marisa and Carlos grows and they begin to fall in love. Aida feels betrayed by her sister and the things get even more complicated when Cesar returns to Marisa's life.

Cesar's wife dies in an automobile accident and his little daughter Antonia, becomes temporarily paralyzed. Cesar decides to return to where it all started and will have to confront Marisa. Marisa is impacted with the return of Cesar; he discovers that she is a different woman but still the same one he loves. He is saddened to find out she loves Carlos and is willing to fight for her love. Piedad (Maya Mishalska) hates Marisa with a passion even though she's supposedly her aunt. She has a sick, obsessive love for Cesar and is, as Marisa will later discover, the main reason why Marisa and Cesar's wedding was interrupted. Will Marisa allow her relationship with Carlos blossom even though her sister's heart is breaking to a million pieces? Or will Marisa forgive Cesar and give him another opportunity for him to prove if he really loves her as much as he says? But she is raped, becomes pregnant, and does not know who is the father.

Second season[edit]

Efrain (Carlos Camara Jr) starts an enormous fire at the ranch where Marisa is with her father. Thankfully, Cesar manages to save her before it was too late but the damage was already done. Marisa is left horribly disfigured, so much that she looks like a monster, totally unrecognizable. After several surgeries, Marisa wears a mask. After the mask is removed, Marisa looks like a complete different person. Marisa (now Ana Patricia Rojo) is even stronger and it will be harder for Carlos and Cesar to fight for her love. But after all Marisa only loves Cesar.

Third season[edit]

Carlos and Aida are happily in love. Cesar and Marisa are living a beautiful romance once again. Everything seems to be going well — so much so, that Cesar proposes once again to Marisa and she agrees. Cesar can't contain his joy as the date gets nearer, but what lies ahead is doom. Piedad is still sickly in love with him and tries one last desperate attempt to retain him at her side. Cesar becomes warned that if he married Marisa, his daughter will pay the price. The big day finally arrives. Cesar is shocked to discover that his daughter's nanny is part of Piedad's plot. If Cesar says "I do" at the altar, the nanny will inject a poisonous substance to his daughter and she would die a slow and painful death.

With all the pain in his heart, at the altar Cesar tells the priest that he does not accept Marisa as his wife. In front of the guests, Cesar tells Marisa how much he hates her and that he was only marrying her for revenge for all those years which she didn't correspond his love. After leaving the wedding, Cesar and Antonia are kidnapped and held hostage by Piedad. Marisa is deeply emotionally hurt. Her wedding was interrupted again. Alone and sad, she is consoled by a fellow medic, Marco Antonio who falls in love with her. When Cesar is finally able to escape Piedad, he rushed to Marisa to explain what happened. Marisa believes him. But when he tries to kiss her, something pushes her away from him. Even though she loves him, a phobia has grown in her that is stronger than her. Every time she gets close to him, she remembers how he abandoned her for the second time at their wedding. Cesar is hurt and believes that she is in love with Marco Antonio.

Around this time, Piedad supposedly dies in an auto accident. After several arguments, Cesar and Marisa end their relationship and she begins dating Marco Antonio. But Marisa can't stop loving Cesar, and this makes Marco Antonio angry. Cesar meets Alondra and is immediately fascinated by and starts a relationship with her. As much as he tries to make the relationship work, he can't forget Marisa. Alondra can tell. Cesar and Marisa beg each other for forgiveness and swear to never let anything separate them ever again. But Piedad is alive and more determined than ever to destroy Marisa and Cesar. She teams up with Marco Antonio to separate them. Will Piedad be able to separate Marisa and Cesar a third time? Will Marisa and Cesar finally be happy after all they've been through?


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