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Africa Inland Mission (AIM)
Founded 1895
Founder Peter Cameron Scott
Type Evangelical Missions Agency
  • Mukaa
Area served
Mukaa Area

Mukaa is a village and location in Makueni County, Kenya. The community is a tight and small one, and they are generally peaceful. Mukaa was founded in the late 19th century by AIM (Africa Inland Mission, Later Africa Inland Church) Missionaries. They built a church.


  1. Mukaa A.I.C Church (Founded 1888)
  2. Mukaa Primary School
  3. A.I.C Mukaa Children's Home
  4. Mukaa Boys High School

Coordinates: 1°51′S 37°19′E / 1.850°S 37.317°E / -1.850; 37.317