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The Mukherjee-Samarth family is a Bengali-Marathi family that has been involved in the Indian Bollywood film industry since the 1930s, Shobhana Samarth having first acted in a film in 1935. The Mukherjee family was connected to the Samarth family by Tanuja's marriage to Shomu Mukherjee in 1973.


The Mukherjee family are a Bengali Brahmin family that was said to be headed by Sashadhar Mukherjee, described as the founder of Filmalaya studios.[1] His five sons, Rono Mukherjee, Joy Mukherjee, Deb Mukherjee, Shomu Mukherjee and Shubir Mukherjee followed him into the industry. Rono was the director and composer of a single movie. He is also the father of actress Sharbani Mukherjee. Joy and Deb were actors. Shomu became a director and producer. Shubir is also a producer.

Sashadhar's younger brother, Subodh Mukherjee, was a director. He died on 21 May 2005.[2] He is survived by his wife Kamala, sons Subhash and Sanjay and daughter Gitanjali.[3]

Sashadhar's elder brother was Ravindramohan Mukherjee. His son is Ram Mukherjee. Ram is a film director and was one of the founders of Filmalaya Studios. He is the father of actress Rani Mukerji,[4] and Raja Mukherjee who is a producer, and assisted his father in a few films.[5] Sashadhar was married to Ashok Kumar’s sister Satirani Ganguly.

Filmalaya Studios is currently owned by Ram Mukherjee (Rani's father), Rono Mukherjee (Sharbani's father) and Shomu Mukherjee (Kajol's father).


The Samarth family is a Marathi CKP (Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu) family. Their legacy in films began with Rattan Bai, a popular actress of the 1940s. Her daughter Shobhna Samarth (1915-9 February 2000), was an actress and acted in films such as Love in Simla (1960), which also featured Joy Mukherjee. Shobna's cousin, Nalini Jaywant, was also an actress.

Shobna's daughters are Chatura, Tanuja and Nutan. Tanuja and Nutan carried on the family tradition. Tanuja was a moderate success, but it was Nutan (June 4, 1936 – February 1991) who became a huge star. She holds the record for the most Filmfare awards won for Best Actress along with her niece Kajol.

Tanuja and Nutan's children have also entered the film industry; they are the fourth generation of Samarths to do so. Nutan's son Mohnish Behl is an actor; Tanuja's daughters Kajol and Tanisha are actresses.[6]

Notable current members[edit]


Main article: Kajol

Kajol is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses. She has won five Filmfare awards for Best Actress and one Filmfare South award for Best Actress. She was also the first woman to win the Filmfare best villain award. She has had numerous blockbusters and hits to her name such as Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Gupt, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha, Ishq, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Fanaa. Her films with Shahrukh Khan have been huge hits.

Kajol is married to actor Ajay Devgan; the couple has a daughter, Nysa, and a son, Yug. For a few years, she concentrated on her marriage and motherhood, sidelining films. Her come back film Fanaa with Aamir Khan was hugely successful as was her latest release "My Name is Khan". She has also acted in her husband's directorial debut "U Me Aur Hum". Her latest releases are "We Are Family" and "Toonpur Ka Superhero".

Her younger sister Tanisha and her cousins Sharbani Mukherjee and Rani Mukherjee are KJK also Bollywood actresses.

Ajay Devgan[edit]

Main article: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn (born: Vishal Veeru Devgan on 2 April 1969[7]) is the husband of Kajol who is also an Indian film actor, director, and producer who has established himself as one of the leading actors of Hindi cinema.[8][9][10] Devgan has won numerous awards in his career, including two National Film Awards. He is the son of director and action choreographer Veeru Devgan.


Main article: Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanishaa Mukerji (born 3 March 1981) is an Indian film actress, known for her work in Hindi cinema, she has also been part of Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil films. She participated in the popular television reality show Bigg Boss 7 and was the first runner up. She has judged the reality comedy show Gangs of Haseepur which airs on Zee TV.

Her elder sister Kajol and her cousins Sharbani Mukherjee and Rani Mukherjee are KJK also Bollywood actresses.

Mohnish Bahl[edit]

Main article: Mohnish Bahl

Mohnish Bahl is an Indian actor working in the Indian film industry and on Indian television. He is a member of the Mukherjee-Samarth family. His parents were actress Nutan and late Rajnish Bahl, a lieutenant commander in the Indian Navy. He is the grandson of actress Shobhna Samarth, nephew of actress Tanuja and cousin of actresses Kajol Devgan and Tanisha Mukherjee.

Rani Mukerji[edit]

Main article: Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji is also one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. Rani is a cousin to Kajol. Rani's mother was a playback singer.[11] She has worked with Kajol in the 1998 hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Rani has been nominated for and won various awards. She is best known for her performance in 2005 cult classic Black for which she won several awards. She has several blockbusters to her credit such as Ghulam, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Saathiya, Hum Tum, Veer-Zaara, Black, Bunty Aur Babli and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Rani is married to film director, producer, screenwriter and distributor Aditya Chopra.

In an interview with Simi Garewal, Kajol confirmed that Kajol's and Rani's grandfathers were brothers, so the two actresses are second cousins.

Ayan Mukerji[edit]

Main article: Ayan Mukerji

Ayan Mukerji (Bengali: অয়ন মুখার্জি) born in Kolkata, West Bengal is an Indian film director and actor who made his directorial debut at the age of 26 with Karan Johar's Wake Up Sid, a 2009 Bollywood film which opened to strong reviews and box office returns earning him the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Director in its opening year.

Mukherjee family tree[edit]

  Ravindramohan Mukherjee---------Sashadhar Mukherjee----------Subodh Mukherjee------------Prabodh Mukherjee  
       =Snehalata                       =Sati Rani Devi             = Kamala Devi               =Parul Mukherjee 
     |                                  |                                |
     |                                  |             Subhash--- Gitanjali---  Sanjay
     |                                  |
     |       +--------------------------+---------------------+----------------+--------------+-----------+
     |       |                          |                     |                |              |           |
     |    Rono Mukherjee        Joy Mukherjee        Deb Mukherjee    Shomu Mukherjee      Shibani       Sumeet
     |    =Neelam Sodhi              =Amrit             =Manisha            = Tanuja
     |    |                                |                    |                  |                              |
     |    |                                |                    |                  |                      -----------------+
     |    |                  +-------------+----------+         |                  |                    |                             |
     |    |                  |             |          |         |                  |               Devika Maulik        Davesh Maulik
     |    |                 Simran      Sujoy     Monjoy        |                  |         =Kris Chaisanguanthum   =Katherine Dirks
     |    |      = Kuldeep Halwasiya           |
     |    |                  |                                  |                  |
     |    |        Karmaditya Halwasiya    |                    |                  +--------------------------------+
     |    |                                |                    |                  |                                |
     |  Samrat-Sharbani-Siddharth          |          Sunita --Ayan Mukerji   Kajol Mukherjee = Ajay Devgan   Tanisha Mukherjee                    |                                            |                                     |
     |                                                                                     |
     |                                                                       +----------------------+
     |                                                                       |                      |
     |                                                                       Nysa Devgan   Yug Devgan 
     |                                             |                                       |
  Lalit Mukherjee = Monica Banerjee          Shyam Mukherjee                     Ram Mukherjee = Krishna Roy                         
                  |                                                                               +-------------------------------+ 
   Surjoe Mukerji = Urmila+Hema  Gauri= Utpalendu]-[Bina]-[Shakti↔Shampa]-Satyajit (Munna) [Raja Mukherjee +  Jyothi]   Rani Mukerji + Aditya Chopra
                  |                                |                  |
                  |                                |         |                  |
                                                        Indranil(Dadu)      Shyamali(Oji)
                  |                                |
   +---------------------------+             +-------------------------------------+                          +----------------+
   |              |            |             |                                     |
                                    [ Madhumita = Anil Rai]         [Anusree = Anirban ]                     |                |
   [Shonali] [Shubarna = Hubert] [Neeraj]      |                        |                       Myesha Mukherjee   Vian Mukherjee             
                     Qiana                  Indranil Rai]            Ayush Banerjee]

Samarth family tree[edit]

                                Rattan Bai = P S Shilotri
                                   Shobhna Samarth = Kumarsen Samarth
     |              |                      |            |                                  
  Jaideep        Nutan = Rajnish Behl     Chatura    Tanuja = Shomu Mukherjee
                       |                   |                           |  
               Mohnish Behl = Ektaa Behl   Reshma         +------------------------------------+
                          |                               |                                    |
                   +---------------------+               Kajol = Ajay Devgan       Tanisha Mukherjee
                   |                     |                         |
              Pranutan Behl   Krishaa Behl                 +------------------+
                                                           |                  |
                                                       Nysa Devgan          Yug Devgan


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Rono Mukherjee is happily married to Samita Mukherjee of Kolkata since 1969-70. Samita Mukherjee is the only daughter of eminent Bengali film actor of the 50s and 60s, Dipak Mukherjee and paternal niece of Bengali film directors Pinaki Mukherjee and Ardhendu Mukherjee