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Coordinates: 36°45′47″N 45°43′20″E / 36.76306°N 45.72222°E / 36.76306; 45.72222

Mukriyan, was a Kurdish emirate centered at Mahabad ruling areas to the south and west of lake Urmia, since the end of 15th century until the middle of 19th century.

Before Mukris the region was ruled by Hadhabanis. During battle of Dimdim Mukriyanis rallied around Kurds of Bradost (Baradost).[1]

Region of Mukriyan which encompasses numerous cities such as Bukan, Piranshahr, Mahabad, Sardasht and Oshnaviyeh.The region is officially part of the West Azarbaijan Province in Iran. The capital of the cultural region of Mukrian was the city of Piranshahr and the city is still considered as the centre and capital of the region.

The region is famous for its unique granite rock formations with the majority being found near Piranshahr.

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