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This article is about a Namibian deity. For the residential area of Nairobi, see Mukuru kwa Njenga.

Mukuru and The Himba[edit]

Mukuru is the god worshipped by the Himba people of Namibia. Mukuru is an omnipotent deity. The deceased ancestors of the Himba are subservient to him, acting as intermediaries. However, while the ancestors are believed to bless or curse, Mukuru is believed to only bless.[1]

Mukuru and the Herero[edit]

The ancestral god and creator god of the Heroro Tribe of SouthWest Africa. The benevolent Mukuru, all alone with no parents or companions, shows his kindness through life-giving rain, healing the sick and upholding the very old. The Herero believe that their tribal chief is the incarnation of Mukuru and that he continues Mukuru's task as a bringer of culture. Death is seen by them as the calling home of one of the god's children.[citation needed]

Mukuru in Media[edit]

Mukuru is also the name of a UK-based online Money Transfer Service founded in 2005. The company are the first to offer online to mobile phone remittances to Kenya and the Philippines.


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