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Mule was an American punk blues band from Michigan, active in the early 1990s. Formed from the ashes of Wig and Laughing Hyenas, their music incorporated elements of hardcore punk, blues-rock, and alternative country.


Mule formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1991, anchored by former Wig member P.W. Long. The band's other members, Kevin Munro and Jim Kimball, had been members of the Laughing Hyenas.[1] This lineup recorded the band's self-titled debut, which was produced by Steve Albini and released on Chicago record label Quarterstick Records itself a division of indie super label Touch and Go.[1]

Kimball left the group in 1994 to join The Denison/Kimball Trio, and Daniel Jacob Wilson joined the group for their follow-up releases. If I Don't Six followed in 1995.

Mule self produced and released two singles. The first is Tennessee Hustler, backed by Black Bottom. The second was the I'm Hell single backed by a glorious cover of the Bee Gee's To Love Somebody. Next up is "Charger" from the Jabberjaw compilation.

Long split the band up in 1996 to go solo. He formed P.W. Long's Reelfoot in 1997 with Mac McNeilly from the Jesus Lizard.


  • P.W. Long - guitar, vocals
  • Kevin Munro - bass
  • Jim Kimball - drums (1991–1994)
  • Daniel Jacob Wilson - drums (1994–1995)
  • Jason Kourkounis - drums (1995–1996)


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