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Muljangori-oreum wetland is a mountain crater lake formed in a volcanic crater, 900m-937m above sea-level, 9km northeast of Hallasan. The 628000m2 lake provides water, which is not abundant on the island, to the indigenous wildlife.


Muljangori-oreum is a parasitic cone formed by volcanic activity at the end of the third Cenozoic Era on Jeju Island. Some 370 parasitic cones are located around Hallasan. Only about 30% of them have mountain craters. Oreum is mostly composed of water-permeable basalt, so it is unusual to have a lake on top of Oreum.

The lake(Muljangori-oreum) is fed by rainfall. During the dry season, most of wetland becomes dries out, except the deepest part in the south (about 50 m of water depth). During the rainy season, most of it is submerged.

Flora and fauna[edit]



  • Japanese strawberry tree (Cornus kousa ),
  • Painted Maple (Acer pictum subsp. mono ),
  • Juncus effusus
  • Scripus triangulates,
  • Persicaria hydropiper.
  • Obovata peony (Paeonia obovata).

69 families, 136 genera, 181 species of flowering plants exist here.