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1962 Bentley Continental S2
Mulliner Park Ward
1965 Bentley Continental S3
Mulliner Park Ward

Mulliner Park Ward was a bespoke coachbuilder in Hythe Road, Willesden, London UK.

Mulliner now is the personal commissioning department for Bentley.

Mulliner Park Ward was a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce and made bespoke bodies in London for Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. The coachbuilding business closed in 1991 but the Mulliner name is used for the personal commissioning department of the current Bentley manufacturer.


Rolls-Royce Motors formed Mulliner Park Ward by the 1961 merger of two Rolls-Royce subsidiaries: Park Ward of Willesden, London, a Rolls-Royce subsidiary since 1939 and H. J. Mulliner & Co. of Chiswick, a Rolls-Royce subsidiary since 1959.[1]

Mulliner Park Ward continues to operate as the vehicle customization division of Bentley Motors Limited, the successor of Rolls-Royce Motors.


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