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MulvannyG2 Architecture is a U.S.-based architecture firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. MulvannyG2 is ranked among the 50 largest architectural firms and top two retail designers in the world (BD World Architecture). The firm designs retail stores and centers, corporate offices and interiors, and mixed-use destinations for clients and brands of global significance. Clients include seven of the top 20 Fortune 100 retailers.

Founded in 1971, the firm employs 300 in five offices located in: Bellevue, Washington; Irvine, California; Washington, D.C.; Shanghai, China. Leadership: Mitch Smith, AIA, LEED AP, CEO; Ming Zhang - 张铭, AIA, LEED AP, President; and Jerry Q. Lee - 李权忠, AIA, Chairman.

Notable MulvannyG2 buildings[edit]


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