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[1]The Mumbai railway can have enormous income if they initiate with following. The illegally occupied railway land is to be given to private builders to construct residential and commercial building parallel to railway tracks with proper safety and access.The existing population is to relocated in proper housing colonies also developed by the builders which allocated with railway land. The new buildings should not be higher than 8~10 storey to keep the beauty around the track. Internal advertisement inside the coaches should be given to private companies with proper vigilance and controlled by railway police for illegal hoarding / stickers and bills and should be punished with handsome fine and penalties along with Jail term. The advertised bills are already having the mobile numbers of the advertisers and the company printing such bills should also be punished if they do not have the prior permission from railways commercial dapartment. advertising sales offices are easily available at all major stations every 5 m in distance to 1 another Inside the coaches. there should be specific areas for advertisements. Electronic advertising LEDs are to be promoted. all the compartment in local train should also have the dust bins to keep the coaches and compartment / railway track and stations are clean. Advertising company should create the specific advertising boards for small advertisers and bill boards for large signs.

Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways. It is responsible for the improvement of the infrastructure of Mumbai Suburban Railway system.

Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd (MRVC Ltd)., a Public Sector Undertaking of Govt. of India under Ministry of Railways (MoR) was incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 on 12 July 1999 with an equity capital of Rs. 25 crore shared in the ratio of 51:49 between Ministry of Railways and Government of Maharashtra. MRVC is responsible to execute the projects under Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) as sanctioned by Ministry of Railways. The Corporation will execute a number of suburban rail improvement projects for enhancing suburban rail transportation capacity thereby reducing the over crowding and meeting future traffic requirements. The corporation will also be involved in the planning and development of Mumbai Suburban Rail system. The main objectives of MUTP are:

  • Bringing down the passengers per 9 coach to 3000 as against existing 5000.
  • Segregate the suburban train operation from the main line passenger and freight services

Current Projects of MRVC status as on January 2010
1) Kurla - Thane 5th & 6th Line - Started the use of the same.
2) Thane - Diva 5th & 6th Line - to be used for Local E.M.U. services.

Our Objectives[edit]

  • Integrate suburban rail capacity enhancement plans with urban development plan for Mumbai and propose investments.
  • Implement the rail infrastructure projects in Mumbai suburban sections.
  • Commercially develop Railway land and airspace in Mumbai area to raise funds for suburban railway development.
  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation of Project Affected Households.



  • The Suburban Railway System in Mumbai is the most complex, densely loaded and intensively utilized system in the world.
  • It has the highest passenger density in the world – 7.2 million commuters travel everyday.
  • Two zonal Railways, Western Railway (WR) and Central Railway (CR), operate the Mumbai Suburban Railway System.
  • It is spread over an expanse of 319 route km.
  • The suburban services are run by Electric Multiple Units (EMUs)
  • 196 rakes (train sets) of 9-car, 12-car & 15-car composition are utilized to run more than 2600 train services.
  • It is operated on 1500 Volt DC power supply from overhead catenary.


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