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Origin South Auckland, New Zealand
Genres Alternative
Years active 1998–2009
Labels Cruel Records
Associated acts Shooting Stars
Grande Vue
Members Ben Claxton
Dave Barr
Steve Wood
Pete Wood
Tim Beale
Past members Dunkan

Mumsdollar was a New Zealand rock band formed in 1998 with Ben Claxton on lead vocals, Dave Barr on guitar and backing vocals, Tim Beale on drums, and brothers Pete Wood, on guitar, and Steve Wood on bass and backing vocals.


Mumsdollar was formed when Ben Claxton on lead vocals, Dave Barr on guitar and backing vocals, Tim Beale on drums, and brothers Pete Wood, on guitars, and Steve Wood on bass and backing vocals got together to enter YFC Capital Teen Convention (CTC) band competition. Their name was chosen when Ben was at Hillsong Conference and at offering time only had 1 dollar, his mum's dollar. They originally intended to change the name after CTC but it just stuck.[1]

Since then Mumsdollar has become one of the biggest bands in the kiwi music scene.[citation needed] They have also released their album A Beautiful Life in Japan. Mumsdollar were also one of the favourites at the New Zealand Christian music festival Parachute.

In 2009 their Album "Ruins" won a Vodafone New Zealand Music Award for "Best Gospel/Christian Album" beating Parachute Band, The Ember Days and Primalband. It also Charted at #15 on the New Zealand Album charts in late January 2009.[2]

Break Up[edit]

In 2009 Mumsdollar announced that they would be breaking up at the end of the year due to lead singer Ben Claxton going on his OE. They performed a final tour around New Zealand in early December. Ben Claxton was working in England as a Physical education Teacher at a secondary school, but is now back at James Cook High School in Manurewa, South Auckland teaching as a Physical Education and Health teacher, where he was working before he went on his OE.[3]


It was announced on 12 September 2012 that Mumsdollar would be reuniting to play one show at Parachute Music Festival in 2013.[4]

Future Projects[edit]

Dave and Ben, along with members formerly of the band My Life Story formed a new band called Grande Vue. They played their debut show at Parachute Music Festival 2011.

Related Projects[edit]

Ben and Dave from Mumsdollar also make up an acoustic band called Shooting Stars.


Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Dunkan – horns (2001)


  • Buy This Album So We Can Make A Good One (demo) (2000)
  • For Christ's Sake (2001)
  • Eastern Time (2002)
  • Eastern Time (re-release) (2004)
  • A Beautiful Life EP (2005)
  • A Beautiful Life (2005)
  • Ruins (2008)