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Map of the West Branch Susquehanna River (dark blue) and major streams in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Muncy Creek (light blue) is the fifth major creek to enter the river in the county, south of Loyalsock Creek (green). Little Muncy Creek is the shorter branch south of the longer main creek (and is labeled with a '6').
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Muncy Creek is a tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River in Lycoming and Sullivan counties, Pennsylvania, USA. Little Muncy Creek is its major tributary.


Keystone Marker for Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania, a town named for its proximity to Muncy Creek

The creek is 35.9 miles (57.8 km) long.[1] For much of its length, U.S. Route 220 runs parallel to Muncy Creek.

Muncy Creek has its source in Sullivan County and flows generally west by southwest through the county. Muncy Creek rises in Davidson Township and flows west, forming the border between Davidson and Laporte townships. It then forms the border between Shrewsbury and Davidson townships, passing through the villages of Nordmont, Sonestown, and Muncy Valley.

It then enters Lycoming County and forms the border between Shrewsbury and Penn townships, flowing through their unincorporated villages of Glen Mawr and Tivoli. It continues through the borough of Picture Rocks, then through Wolf Township and the borough of Hughesville. It finally enters Muncy Creek Township, where it receives Little Muncy Creek near the village of Clarkstown, then reaches its confluence with the West Branch Susquehanna River just north of Muncy.

Muncy Creek near its mouth in Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania


The Muncy Creek watershed encompasses an area of 122 square miles (320 km2) and has a population of 8,994 (as of 2000). Approximately 49.5% of the Muncy Creek watershed is in Lycoming County and 50.5% in Sullivan County. Of that area, 95 square miles (250 km2) are forested, 25 sq mi (65 km2) are given to agricultural uses, only 1 sq mi (2.6 km2) are developed, and the remaining 1 sq mi (2.6 km2) is classified as barren.

The Little Muncy Creek watershed has an area of 82 square miles (210 km2) and a population of 3,735 (as of 2000). Approximately 87.4% of the Little Muncy Creek watershed is in Lycoming County, 5.7% is in Columbia County, 5.3% is in Sullivan County, and 1.5% is in Montour County. Of that area, 48 square miles (120 km2) are forested and 34 sq mi (88 km2) are given to agricultural uses.


Little Muncy Creek is the major tributary of Muncy Creek. Other streams feeding Muncy Creek include Rock Run, Big Run, Gregs Run, Sugar Run, and Trout Run.

Little Muncy Creek has its source in Davidson Township in Sullivan County, then flows south in Jordan Township in Lycoming County. It then flows west into Franklin Township then Moreland Township and finally Muncy Creek Township, where it flows into Muncy Creek just west of the village of Clarkstown. Other streams feeding Little Muncy Creek include Marsh Run, Beaver Run, Laurel Run, Big Run, German Run, and Little Indian Run.

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