Mundo de Fieras (Mexico)

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There is also a Venezuelan telenovela called Mundo de Fieras.
Mundo de Fieras
Created by Liliana Abud
Ligia Lezama
Marissa Garrido
Alberto Migré
Written by Mauricio Aridjis
Julián Aguilar
Directed by Édgar Ramírez
Starring Edith Gonzalez
César Évora
Gaby Espino
Laura Flores
Ernesto Laguardia
Helena Rojo
Azela Robinson
René Casados
Sebastián Rulli
Sara Maldonado
Michelle Vieth
Opening theme Antes de que te vayas by Marco Antonio Solís
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 120
Executive producer(s) Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Producer(s) Bosco Primo de Rivera
Editor(s) Marco Antonio Rocha
Pablo Peralta
Alfredo Frutos
Cinematography Jesús Nájera
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Televisa
Original release July 31, 2006 – January 19, 2007
Preceded by La Verdad Oculta
Followed by Destilando Amor
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Mundo de Fieras (Lit: World of Beasts/English: Love and Cruelty) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre. It was first broadcast in Mexico on July 31, 2006, and in the United States on October 3, 2006. The telenovela starred Gaby Espino, César Évora, Laura Flores and Edith González as the villain Jocelyn.


Gabriel and Demián are identical twins but very differents. Gabriel grew up in the high society while his brother grew up in poverty which caused him to have a grudge against Gabriel and wants to destroy him.

Gabriel is a widow who remarried to the hysterical Joselyn. An accident makes Joselyn miscarry and causes disability to Luisito, the son of her and Gabriel. Joselyn blames her husband and makes his life miserable, with help from her mother Miriam and her daughter Karen from her first marriage. They are the "beasts" that destroy Gabriel.

One day a young humble named Mariángela comes to the mansion to teach Luisito, and Gabriel falls in love with her. The "beasts" takes charge to destroy Mariángela, especially when they discover that she is the illegitimate daughter of Don Clemente, Miriam's husband and father of Joselyn.


Main Cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
César Évora Gabriel Cervantes-Bravo / Demián Martinez Guerra Twin brother Of Demián, husband of Joselyn, father of Rogelio, adoptive father of Paulina, in love with Mariángela / Main villain, twin brother Of Gabriel, husband of Regina, father of Juan Cristóbal and Tiberio (killed by Joselyn)
Edith González Joselyn Rivas del Castillo de Cervantes-Bravo Main villain, wife of Gabriel, mother of Karen and Luisito, half-sister of Leonardo, daughter of Miriam and Don Clemente, biological daughter of Federico (committed suicide)
Ernesto Laguardia Leonardo Barrios Adoptive son of Candelaria, adoptive brother of Elsa, biological son of Miriam, half-brother of Joselyn, in love with Mariángela
Gaby Espino Mariángela Cruz Daughter of Aurora, illegitimate daughter of Clemente, in love with Gabriel
Helena Rojo Miriam de Rivas del Castillo Villain, wife of Don Clemente, mother of Joselyn and Leonardo, Grandmother of Karen and Luisito (goes to jail)
Azela Robinson Dolores Farías Sister of Edgar, aunt of Karen, in love with Nicolás
Laura Flores Regina Farias de Martínez Guerra Wife of Demián, Juan Cristóbal's mother (died of a heart attack)
René Casados Nicolás Navarro Friend of Gabriel, in love with Dolores
Sebastián Rulli Juan Cristóbal Martínez Guerra Son of Demián and Regina, half-brother of Tiberio, in love with Paulina, Paulina's husband
Sara Maldonado Paulina Cervantes-Bravo Adoptive daughter of Gabriel, adoptive sister of Rogelio, in love with Juan Cristóbal, Juan Cristóbal's wife
Michelle Vieth Karen Farias Rivas del Castillo Villain later good, daughter of Joselyn and Edgar, granddaughter of Miriam and Federico, half-sister of Luisito, in love with Juan Cristóbal

Supporting Cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
Margarita Isabel Otilia Álvarez de Velásquez Wife of Federico
Claudio Báez Federico Velásquez Husband of Otilia, biological father of Joselyn (killed by El Coyote)
Javier Ruán Father Domingo
Lupita Lara Simona
Juan Peláez Don Clemente Rivas del Castillo Husband of Miriam, father of Joselyn and Mariángela, grandfather of Karen (killed by Joselyn)
Paty Díaz Belén
Odiseo Bichir Tiberio Martínez Guerra Farías Villain, later good, son of Demián and Dolores, half-brother of Juan Cristóbal
Alejandro Ruiz Silvestre In love with Elsa, marries her
Sebastián Luis "Luisito" Cervantes-Bravo Rivas del Castillo Gabriel and Joselyn's disabled son, half-brother of Karen and Rogelio, Miriam's grandson (drowned)
Silvia Manríquez Ingrid
Elizabeth Aguilar Chela
Julio Vega Mario
Rodrigo Mejía Rogelio Cervantes-Bravo Villain, later good, Gabriel's son, half-brother of Luisito, husband of Diana
Manuel Medina Pedro In love with Diana
Paola Treviño Diana de Cervantes-Bravo Wife of Rogelio
Ricardo Vera Dr. Fuentes
Rocio Valente Violeta
Lidise Pousa Elsa Barrios Daughter of Candelaria, adoptive sister of Leonardo, in love with Silvestre, marries him
Alberto Salaberry "El Coyote" Villain, kidnapped Luisito (killed by Joselyn)
Benjamín Rivero Mastín
Sheyla Mayeya
Reynaldo Rossano Cortito
Gustavo Sánchez Parra "El Chacal" Villain (killed by Damian)
Dulce Aurora Cruz Mother of Mariángela (killed by Joselyn)
Myrrha Saavedra Soraya Diana’s friend, works in a nightclub
René Strickler Edgar Farías Dolores's seemingly dead brother, first husband of Joselyn, father of Karen (killed by Joselyn)
Carmen Salinas Candelaria Vda. de Barrios Adoptive mother of Leonardo

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