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A municipal bus company is an operator of bus services owned by the local government authority. This article lists all current municipal bus companies in the United Kingdom.

Most municipal bus companies disappeared between 1968 and 1974 before or with the formation of the PTE bus operations.

Of the remaining municipal operators, post-1986 many were sold off or collapsed in the process of bus deregulation, which required their separation into stand-alone arm's-length companies. A few remaining companies have accepted minority-stake holdings in their companies by private bus operating companies, as a method of securing investment.

Local Authorities Company Number of Vehicles Private Shareholdings
Blackpool Blackpool Transport 158 (September 2013)[1] (and 75 trams)
Cardiff Cardiff Bus 240
City of Edinburgh, East Lothian,
Midlothian, West Lothian
Lothian Buses 721 (December 2012)[2]
Dumfries and Galloway DGC Buses 40 (February 2010)[3]
Halton Halton Transport 63 (January 2013)[4]
Ipswich Ipswich Buses 76 (September 2013)[5]
Newport Newport Transport 90
Nottingham Nottingham City Transport 378 (October 2013)[6] 5% owned by Transdev[7]
Reading Reading Transport 165 (May 2013)[8]
Rossendale Rosso 111 (July 2013)[9]
Swindon Thamesdown Transport 85 (October 2013)[10]
Warrington Network Warrington 110 (March 2013)[11]

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