Municipality of Macau

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Municipality of Macau
Concelho de Macau.PNG
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 澳門市
Cantonese Jyutping Ou3 Mun4 Si5
Portuguese name
Portuguese Concelho de Macau

The Municipality of Macau (Portuguese: Concelho de Macau) was one of the two municipalities of Macau. Its bodies were the municipal council (Câmara Municipal de Macau) and the municipal assembly (Assembleia Municipal de Macau) (Câmara Municipal de Macau Provisória and Assembleia Municipal de Macau Provisória after December 20, 1999). It was abolished on December 31, 2001 and replaced by the Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais (Institute of Civic and Municipal Affairs) the following day.

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Coordinates: 22°11′36″N 113°32′22″E / 22.19333°N 113.53944°E / 22.19333; 113.53944