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Munneru (Telugu: మున్నేరు ) is a left tributary of Krishna river.[1][2] It originates in Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh, India and flows in the districts of Khammam District and Krishna District.


It originates near Mahabubabad town of Warangal District.[3]


It flows through Dornakal Eru and comes via Kamanchkal to Danavaigudam suburb of Khammam town where it has a small Dam in order to facilitate water collection. Munneru acts as a water source to Khammam town. It goes through ManchiKanti Nagar,Kalavoddu , Moti Nagar, Prakash Nagar and Dhamsalampuram suburbs of Khammam town. It reaches Chinna Mandava and Lingala villages of Krishna District . It flows into Penuganchiprolu town,Keesara village[4] and finally discharges into the Krishna river at Eturu village near Nandigama


There is a Water bridge constructed across Munneru to allow the flow of Nagarjunsagar water to Khammam town and other locations in Khammam district . Added to that Khammam has one old bridge for regular vehicles while heavy vehicles go through the new bridge .

Two Bridges across Munneru River in Khammam .

Construction has started on a newer bridge to connect Nelakondapalli and Kodad to Khammam via Prakashnagar.[5] This bridge would save the distance of travel and also would help easy flow of munneru river .

In the Krishna District there is a road and railway bridge at Lingala village . There is a road bridge at Penuganchiprolu while there is a bridge on National Highway 9 at Nandigama .


Excess rainfall in Mahabubabad , Dornakal and other regions along with Khammam causes regular floods on Munneru river.[6][7] 2013 has seen the over flow of Munneru river.[8] This lead to a plan for building flood bank along the river bank.[9]