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Munro College
Malvern, St. Elizabeth Jamaica
St Elizabeth
Coordinates 17°55′26″N 77°41′10″W / 17.924°N 77.686°W / 17.924; -77.686Coordinates: 17°55′26″N 77°41′10″W / 17.924°N 77.686°W / 17.924; -77.686
Motto In Arce Sitam Quis Occultabit
(A City Set Upon A Hill Cannot Be Hid)
Founded 1856
Principal Mrs. Alcia M. Bromfield (acting.)
Vice principal Mrs. Marjorie Simpson (Boarding), Mrs. Garcia R. Powell (Academics)
Gender Male
Age 11 to 18
Colour(s) navy blue, gold
Munro College is located in Jamaica
Munro College
Munro College

Munro College is a prominent boarding school for boys in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.[1] It was founded in 1856 as the Potsdam School (named for the city of Potsdam) a free school for poor boys in St. Elizabeth as stipulated in the will of plantation owners Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson. It was renamed Munro College during World War I as part of the general rejection of German names at the time, though the surrounding Potsdam district was not also renamed. It is now the only boarding school for boys in Jamaica.[2]

Munro College takes its name from one of its benefactors and was established in the fashion of the British public school. Several of the boarding houses take the names of other benefactors or illustrious alumni. The campus has its own chapel and magnificent views of the Caribbean sea and Pedro Plains from its perch atop the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountain.[3]

Over the years Munro College has distinguished itself as a centre for excellence in secondary education in Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean. It is reputed to have produced the most Rhode Scholars of any secondary school in the Caribbean. The most recent Rhodes Scholar from Munro College is Vincent Taylor (Jamaica and Magdalen 2013).[3]

Sport Houses[edit]

Munro College has 5 houses. (3 Boarding Houses and 2 Day Houses) Pearman Calder House - Green; Coke Farquerson - Yellow; Dickenson House - Red; Harrison House - Purple; Sangster House - Gold

Sixth form[edit]

Although established as a free school for poor boys, Munro used to admit Hampton girls into its 6th Form program but as of the new term of September 2010 it was discontinued. However Hampton School still admits Munro boys into its 6th Form to pursue courses not offered at the different schools. Munro College now has a shared campus with Hampton School where both set of sixth formers learn the arts in a cool, learning-inducing environment with quality teachers.

Hampton School (Jamaica) was founded as a sister school to Munro College for girls in the parish.


The school's motto is In arce sitam quis occultabit - A city set on a hill cannot be hid.[4]

Notable alumni[edit]

Alumni include many prominent figures in Jamaican society; one of its most notable is former Prime Minister Donald Sangster, others include Kenneth McNeill, Oraine Barrett, Morris Cargill, John Cyril Emerson Swaby and Douglas Manley, brother to former Prime Minister Michael Manley. Basil Waite, Opposition Spokesperson on Education is also a graduate of Munro College as is popular journalist Lindy Delapenha, Ruel Reid; Principal of Jamaica College, past head boy and former JTA President, The Honourable Burchell Whiteman, O.J., and Dr Derrick McKoy, lawyer and former Contractor-General. Oje Ken Ollivierre, popularly known as Protoje, is a contemporary reggae singer and songwriter from Jamaica.

Historic buildings[edit]

Three of Munro's buildings have been declared National Heritage Sites by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust:[5][6]

  • Coke Farquharson Dining Room
  • The Chapel
  • Pearman Calder Building
  • The Staff Room


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