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Munsee-Delaware Nation is a Lenape First Nation located 24 kilometres (15 mi) west of St. Thomas, in southwest Ontario, Canada. Known previously as the Munsee of the Thames, their land base is the 1,054 hectares (2,600 acres) Munsee-Delaware Nation Indian Reserve No. 1, with the unincorporated community of Muncey as their main community on their reserve. As of January 2014, their registered population was 612 people, though only 148 lived on their own reserve.


Munsee-Delaware Nation's Chief and Council are elected officials who serve a two (2) year term of office. Elections are governed by their own Band Custom Election Code. Chief and Council are directly accountable to the band membership for the success of the Nation and the conduct of its affairs and for carrying out the community's mission and vision.

The history of Munsee-Delaware Nation elected Chief and Council are:

· 2014 / 2016 Term - Chief Roger Thomas, Head Councillor Aaron Dolson Jr., Councillor Ryan Peters, Councillor Rose Snake, Councillor Candy Thomas · 2012 / 2014 Term - Chief Patrick Waddilove, Head Councillor Rose Snake, Councillor Frank Cooper, Councillor Dean Snake, Councillor Leander Snake

   → Bi-election August 3, 2013 - Chief Roger Thomas

· 2010 / 2012 Term - Chief Patrick Waddilove, Head Councillor Rose Snake, Councillor -


  • Administration
  • Community Centre (which provides ready access to health care and police services)
  • Child Care Centre
  • Ontario Works

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