Muran (film)

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Directed by Rajan Madhav
Produced by Cheran
Ronnie Screwvala
Written by Rajan Madhav
Starring Cheran
Nikita Thukral
Suma Bhattacharya
Music by Sajan Madhav
Cinematography Padmesh
Edited by Arun Durairaj
Dream Theatres
UTV Motion Pictures
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures
Release date(s)
  • 30 September 2011 (2011-09-30)
Running time 134 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Muran (Tamil: முரண்; English: At Variance) is a 2011 Indian Tamil drama thriller film written and directed by debutant Rajan Madhav.[2] It stars Cheran alongside Prasanna, with Haripriya, Nikita Thukral and Jayaprakash in pivotal roles. Launched in September 2010,[3] the film's shooting was completed by July 2011.[4] The story revolves around two contrasting characters and depicts the incidents that occur when they meet each other.[5] The film is highly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller Strangers on a Train (1951).[6] Co-produced and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures,[7] Muran was released on September 30, 2011 to overall positive reviews.


The film starts with the scene in a hotel in Bangalore, where Nanda (Cheran) is playing a song on his guitar for producers who are helping him get an opportunity in Kollywood as a musician. At this instant, Arjun (Prasanna) heavily drunk, makes a scene, stating that he will fall from there (top floor of the hotel) to the swimming pool at ground and finally does it.

While returning to Chennai, Nanda's car engine gets seized due to the sudden brake made in order to avoid collision with another car driven by arrogant drunken youngsters. Arjun who drove alone to Chennai gives a lift to Nanda in his car. They both get introduced and they identify that both of them had many differences in opinion. They both share their tragic stories of their life while travelling. Nanda tells him about his unloving wife Indhu (Nikita Thukral), and his post marital love Lavanya (Haripriya). He states he lives in a situation that he uncomfortably living adjusted life with his wife. Then, Arjun tells Nanda about his materialistic father Devarajan (Jayaprakash), a famous industrialist and business magnate asking him to continue his business and follow his ideas even though he doesn't like it. Moreover tragedy occurs when Devarajan raped Arjun's lady love Linda (Suma Bhattacharya), who worked in Devarajan's office. Linda commits suicide as her chastity was destroyed by her "future" father-in-law.

Arjun lives life in the shadow of his father to keep the promise to his love that he made before she died.

After some time of travelling, both of them meet the youngsters who were responsible for Nanda's car seize in a motel. Arjun initiates a fight with them and Nanda joins to help Arjun. Finally while they escape in their car, both of them chase and made the exact thing happened to Nanda's car. Afterwards while approaching the destination of their journey, Arjun explains Nanda his exclusive idea of solving both of their problems by criss cross manner. Plan states as Arjun killing Nanda's wife and Nanda killing Arjun's father and he explains none can't find out murder as Arjun and Nanda are strangers and no intention of killing can be drawn by police and others. Arjun explains as both of them are strangers and if he kills Nanda's wife in a situation of accident turned death while Nanda is officially engaged in other place nothing can be traced. Nanda immediately denies the deal and leaves.

In a week's daily routine, Nanda feels something good and approvable idea of Arjun as the only problem in his life is his Wife. After a week's time his wife meets with an accident on the highway and dies on the spot. On the next day Arjun came to Nanda's home and depicts how he creates the accident and how he found out Indhu is unfaithful to Nanda by having an affair with her colleague named Gowtham. Arjun asks Nanda to complete the remaining part by murdering his dad and also explains he had a plan. Now onwards both of them meet frequently at locations where none can see them together and both of them are officially unconnected strangers to the world. Nanda explains he can't murder anyone. Arjun forces him by telling his dad is an evil human and only way for his happy life is to kill him. Meanwhile a relative of Indhu, a policeman suspects Nanda laid a plan and executed Indhu's accident by a hit man as Nanda started living together with his love and living happily. This issue causes Policeman become the next target of Arjun. Arjun kills him and news states that the policeman is killed due to leak of electric pulse in his home.

Nanda understands that Arjun is already highly engaged in the deal and won't stop till he accepts it. So he agrees to murder his dad and convincing himself that he is doing it for the good. Arjun provides the plan to Nanda and left out of the city for recording he is unavailable while the incident occurs. Nanda follows Devarajan to execute the plan and found out Devarajan is a good and kind human thus withdraws his murder plan. Next day Arjun calls him and asks why he failed and asks we should meet. In the shopping mall they are about to met Nanda saw his lover's friend and she casually explains the evil nature of Arjun as she saw him there. She explains the incident of how Arjun says break up to Linda and thus she commits suicide. Nanda understood Arjun had played a self heroic story to him and how he betrayed him. Nanda explains Arjun that he won't do anything for him as he knows the truth and asks to get far away from him forever. Arjun seems to finally accept Nanda's refusal - but warns him that accidents can happen at any time.

Over the next few days, Nanda feels increasingly threatened by accidents to Lavanya's safety. He realizes Arjun is behind them all. Lavanya confused about what happened to Nanda and thought that he had gone mad. Arjun hears Lavanya telling about Nanda to her friend and threatens Nanda that he is still active and he can kill Lavanya too. Nanda finally makes his decision and tells Arjun that he is ready to murder Devarajan. Arjun lays his plan and goes to Bangalore. Meanwhile, Nanda cracks into the hotel in Bangalore where Arjun stays and tell him that he is going to kill him rather than his dad. Arjun fights back and at the end of the fight falls from the roof near the swimming pool into which he dives at the start of the film. Hotel authorities report the case as drunkard jump from roof unconsciously as its his habit. He dies on the spot and Nanda is satisfied that he hadn't had to pull the trigger to kill Arjun as he had initially planned.



The satellite rights of the film were bagged by STAR Vijay. The film was given a "U" certificate by the Indian Censor Board.

Critical Reception[edit]

It opened to positive reviews. Sify's Moviebuzz enthusiastically rated it 'Very good' and called it an "engaging thriller."[8] Behindwoods called it a "thriller well told!"[9] Rohit Ramachandran of added the film to his 'Best of 2011' list.[10] On the contrary, Pavithra Srinivasan of Rediff rated it 2.5/5 complaining that it was heavily inspired[11]


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