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Not to be confused with Muranga County.
Muranga lies between Nairobi and Mount Kenya

Murang'a (sometimes misspelled as Muranga) is a town in Muranga County of Kenya. The town was previously called Fort Hall. It is the administrative centre of Muranga County and is mainly inhabited by the Kikuyu community. According to the 1999 census, the town has a population of about 11,021.


It is located between Nyeri and Thika. The town of Maragua is located 10 kilometres south of Murang'a while Sagana town is 15 kilometres northeast of Murang'a. It lies on latitude of -0.7167 (0° 43’ O) and longitude of 37.1500 (37° 8’ 60E) The town itself lies low, a bit hilly, small but picturesque with an altitude of 4120 ft (1255 meters) above sea level. As a result of the varying altitudes, Murang'a can get quite cold during the from May to Mid-August, including experiencing hail. To the west of the town can be seen the rolling Kikuyu farmlands that extend as far as the eyes can see.

Murang'a is a fast-growing town that attracts traders and farmers from the neighboring districts. It has banks, petrol stations, post office, lodges, nightclubs playing latest local and Western music, restaurants serving local and exotic dishes, supermarkets, dry cleaners and lively markets places. It has also a relatively busy bus and matatu transportation terminal.There is also a district general hospital located in the northern corner of the town. The town is accessible from Nairobi by Thika-Murang'a road and from Nyeri.

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Coordinates: 00°43′S 37°09′E / 0.717°S 37.150°E / -0.717; 37.150