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For the shire, see Shire of Murchison.

The Murchison is an interim Australian bioregion located within the Mid West of Western Australia. The bioregion is related to the catchment area of the Murchison River and comprises 28,120,554 hectares (69,487,400 acres). Historically the region has been known as The Murchison or Murchison Goldfields.




Western development[edit]

The bioregion has extensive mining areas, with a large number of older abandoned workings. Most notable of the abandoned towns is Big Bell where in 1902 Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States was a company representative.[1] The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder radio telescope is located nearby, and was officially opened in October 2012.[2]

The region has large sheep stations and cattle stations - also known as pastoral leases. There are extensive numbers of feral goats in the region which are caught and exported to supplement station incomes. Meeberrie station is considered the location of the strongest recorded earthquake in Australian history.

Political boundaries[edit]

The local government area of Yalgoo, Cue, Mount Magnet, Murchison and Meekatharra are all located within parts of the bioregion.

Population is very scattered; the largest population centre is Meekatharra with the small mining towns of Yalgoo, Mount Magnet and Cue.

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