Murchison Highway

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Murchison Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length 147 km (91 mi)
Route number(s) A10
Major junctions
South end Zeehan, Tasmania
North end Somerset, Tasmania
Major settlements Rosebery, Tullah, Parrawe, Yolla
Highway system
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The Murchison Highway runs from the West Coast of Tasmania to Burnie, and was opened on 13 December 1963.[1] The part of the Highway from Waratah to Burnie was known as the Waratah Highway until 1973 at the latest.

Prior to its construction, most transportation from the west coast to the north coast was required to use the Emu Bay Railway, or otherwise use shipping to Regatta Point or Strahan in Macquarie Harbour.

This highway is susceptible to ice and snow in winter. One of the notorious sections is at the edge of Mount Black, numerous accidents have occurred in the area.

Also the Zeehan to Rosebery section has hazardous sections which can be affected by cold and wet weather.

Portions of the highway have been made redundant by extra roads built by Hydro Tasmania during their work on the upper Pieman River scheme and the Henty River dam schemes. These provide short cuts from Queenstown straight through to Tullah by going just west of the West Coast Range.[2]

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