Murder of Bobby Äikiä

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The murder of Bobby Äikiä (March 12, 1995 – January 14, 2006) occurred in Sweden, when Äikiä, a 10-year-old Swedish boy, was murdered by his mother and stepfather. He suffered from Fragile X syndrome.[1] Äikiä was left to freeze after being tied to a chair and thrown out of his house by his stepfather Eddy Larsson. He was reported missing by his mother Niina Äikiä, who claimed he had disappeared after a visit to the Bäckebol shopping centre near Göteborg.[2] Soldiers from the Swedish Armed Forces searched for Äikiä, but when a body could not be found, suspicion turned towards his mother. Äikiä's body was found under the ice of a nearby lake following his mother's confession. Both parents were sentenced to ten years imprisonment in June 2006 for involuntary manslaughter and mistreating a child.[3]

In February 2008 Bobby's mother Nina Äikiä received 54,000 (Swedish kronor) after being attacked and cut in the face inside the prison. The money was compensation for the attack.[citation needed]


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