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Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals.jpg
Background information
Birth name Murdoc Alphonce Niccals
Also known as Doc Nic, Alphonce Faust, Green Stroked Man, Mudz
Born (1966-06-06) 6 June 1966 (age 48)
Origin Stoke-on-Trent, England
Occupations Musician, entertainer, songwriter
Instruments Bass guitar, drum machine, guitar
Years active 1994–present
Labels Parlophone, Virgin
Associated acts Gorillaz

Murdoc Alphonce Niccals is a fictional English musician, and member of the virtual band Gorillaz. He provides bass, and is the self-proclaimed leader of the band. He is voiced by Phil Cornwell and was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.


In Rise of the Ogre it is revealed that Murdoc was dumped on his father's doorstep in childhood and went on to a very abusive childhood. It has been proposed that his many addictions and his sour attitude are due to his childhood abuse.

He purchased Kong Studios and was delivered a small Japanese girl who could play a wicked guitar solo; Noodle who later replaced Paula Cracker (presently an overmedicated psychopath with a personal vendetta against the then twelve-year-old who helped lead the band to success) as Gorillaz axe bandier.

Unfortunately, this was never to be, because they were conned by a self-proclaimed movie director (who it turns out, was just an insane man) while Murdoc attempted starring a television program (which he failed to achieve due to being too old for the part), and they ventured unsuccessfully into scriptwriting.

After the El Mañana conspiracy, 2D and Russel were frantic about Noodle's supposed death. But it turned out to be a hoax. Murdoc revealed the truth about the El Mañana video in the Gorillaz official autobiography book, Rise of the Ogre. Gorillaz-Unofficial released an article containing the contents of the book.

I guess you've waited long enough. Noodle's safe, she was just acting as planned... Jamie Hewlett gave Noodle the command, and she parachuted safely off the island.
—Murdoc Niccals on the video for El Mañana

It turns out that the entire El Mañana conspiracy was calculated specifically to get rid of an enemy of the band: Little Jimmy Manson, a psychotic hippie turned industry executive who was set on sabotaging Gorillaz. The reason was that Jimmy auditioned for Gorillaz a few years back, but was turned down after Noodle got the job. He has had a grudge with Gorillaz ever since. Murdoc saw Jimmy's plan and decided to get rid of Jimmy before it was too late. Murdoc told Jimmy that he had a plan to "help him" to kill off one of the band members so that 1) Gorillaz would end with a bang and 2) Jimmy could start a new band with Murdoc. Noodle was to do the El Mañana video with Manson stowed away on the island and then, while the windmill was crashing around them, Jimmy would shoot the guitarist whilst taking the parachute for himself. However, Murdoc turned the tables on Jimmy by not only "forgetting" to leave the weapon aboard the island but by also locking him in the windmill; Jimmy supposedly died within the crash while Noodle parachuted to safety. His statement has followed:

There's no way on earth I'm killing Noodle. Are you mad? She's Noodle. We're Gorillaz! The greatest band on earth. I'm arrogant, ruthless even, but I'm not stupid. I'm not having some two-bit mouldy despot record company nut killing off my band. No way, José. That clown got what he deserved. . . He set himself up and burned all the evidence in the process. Instant Karma for Mr. Jimmy Manson.
—Murdoc Niccals, Rise of the Ogre

However on 8 November 2007, the day of the live chat on bandmate Murdoc's Facebook page, Murdoc revealed that Noodle has actually been taken in place of Russel Hobbs, to Hell by the demons invading the Kong Studios building. Murdoc is currently attempting to rescue her.

Noodle has been dragged to Hell. She can look after her self, but this one's too big for her on her own. I'm helping her out of there. In fact I only stopped by here to pick up a can of mace, when I noticed that someone had left the door open and let you gonks in....
Murdoc Niccals on a live Facebook chat

He later explained:

Well... It’s funny. After the first album Russel had this big mad breakdown. He had the spirit of Del exorcised out of him by the Grim Reaper. Which kind of sent him mental. He tried to record a solo album but then he was saying that all these demons were flying out the speakers trying to eat him. Everyone thought he’d just gone loopy. “Living in a basement with Ike Turner”. Turns out though he was right. The Demons were real! You couldn’t really make it up. So next thing we know is after Noodle disappeared after The El Manana video incident, we hear this voice coming out of the basin basement room of Kong. Out of a radio. Turns out that when these demons couldn’t get hold of Russ, they grabbed Noodle instead. Dragged her downstairs, to Hades! So of course it fell to muggings here, (that’s me), to go on some epic Odysseus type journey into The Underworld to try to rescue her. It’s all tied up with contract I signed with Beelzebub that shoe-horned Gorillaz up the charts in the first place. He was cocked off about some late payment of my eternal soul, or something stupid. He as well as anyone should know that these type of payments take time to come through. I mean, well, everyone’s got their demons to battle. It's just that mine take on a more physical form and have names like “Alichino”, “Lilith”, “Baphomet” “Sidragasum”, “Xitragupten” and so on... I guess that’s what you get if you’re born in a mental asylum named after a demon called Belphegor. Still I was never bored as a child. Yup... never bored.
Murdoc Niccals on a live Facebook chat

As of late 2011, in a recent XFM Broadcast, Murdoc stated he left his pirate-infested Plastic Beach to live in Hawaii.

After nearly a year underground (or lurking in the dark corners of who-knows-where), Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals has resurfaced and is again wreaking havoc — this time over the airwaves. It seems in fact that, following a dramatic exit from Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach HQ, the miserable despot Murdoc Niccals has created yet another pirate radio station and is now sending transmissions from a brand new mystery all about Gorillaz Converse single will be called "DoYaThing" and will feature collaborators André 3000 (of Outkast) and James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem). The single was released on 23 February.[1]

Character appearance[edit]

During the Demon Days era, his wardrobe seemed to grow much more diverse, appearing in a variety of different outfits. For example, in the music video for "Dirty Harry", he wore a military uniform reminiscent of a Nazi outfit.[2] He had also acquired a so-called 'designer label' cape with a skull woggle, seen in much of the album art for Demon Days, and seemed to wear it more often than his inverted cross. He also appears to have heterochromia, with his right eye being black and his left eye of a red colour, which is rumoured to be caused by rubbing crystal meth in his eye during his teen years. His nose is permanently crooked as a result of it being broken 8 times. His tongue is abnormally long, which may be a reference to Gene Simmons's famously long tongue (although Murdoc maintains that his tongue is longer than Mr. Simmons'). Murdoc sports a number of tattoos, including a black inverted cross on his left upper arm, an Iron Cross on his upper right arm, a black skull and crossed roses bearing the inscription "Born to Die", the word "Helios" tattooed in black on his lower back with an arrow pointed downwards, and a red octopus on the inside of his right forearm. During his stint in a Mexican prison during the band's hiatus,[3] He is also seen in some videos with one pinkie nail a bright red, possibly a reference to the character "Jesus" in the Coen Brothers' film The Big Lebowski who sports the same.


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