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For the Brazilian volleyball player known as Murilo, see Murilo Endres.
Murilo is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Murilo Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Landsat picture of Murilo Atoll

Murilo is a village, atoll, and municipality in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.[1]

This atoll is located 9 km to the NE of Nomwin Atoll and 101 km to the NNE of Chuuk.[2] Together with Nomwin it forms the Hall Islands.


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In 2010, The people of this small island, ate at a "feast" of poisonous, critically endangered, hawksbill turtles, 96 Sriously ill, 6 die, 4 of them children. Coordinates: 8°41′33″N 152°20′21″E / 8.69250°N 152.33917°E / 8.69250; 152.33917